Welcoming a new team to St Pölten and celebrating an additional location in Austria

Welcoming a new team to St Pölten and celebrating an additional location in Austria

“There’s a need for a well-established, experienced multichannel service provider in St Pölten. So I firmly believe that we are the perfect fit for this city,” says CEO Andreas Damberger. 

Fensterfront der Zelle St. Pölten

At the start of February 2020, the employees at the new for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers office in St Pölten began their work for our customers. The team, led by CEO Andreas Damberger, is pleased to be able to support local companies in Lower Austria, which has seen dramatic economic growth, with expert sophisticated solutions for their digitisation. The official opening of the office is yet to come, in the form of a private viewing of the works of native St Pölten artist Tina Lechner.

“While the team has already begun their work in St Pölten, we are still looking forward with great anticipation to the official opening and the art exhibition in our office,” says CEO Andreas Damberger. Looking at the new location in St Pölten, the office and its location, he notes that he “could not have wished for anything more”.

In the famed Stöhr-Haus, a listed art nouveau building located at the gate to the pedestrian zone and directly across from the train station, he and his team found around 190 square metres of office space on the first floor. This means there is lots of space for presenting contemporary art, space for employees and customers to work together as they refine different ideas and implement them successfully – space to grow together. “There’s a need for this here, and we meet it as a well-established, experienced multichannel service provider,” Andreas Damberger says of St Pölten and the surrounding region. “So I firmly believe that we are the perfect fit for this city,” he concludes on the establishment of the new cell in the company group. 

“St Pölten is the largest city in Lower Austria, and its population and economic power have continued to grow unabated. All the excitement of constant growth notwithstanding, development of this city is driven by careful thought and consideration and a focus on moving from ‘inward’ to ‘outward’ in a sustainable way. I see parallels between the ambitions of the city planners and their carefully considered approach, and our corporate culture, including a similar understanding of sustainable management at foryouandyourcustomers,” says Damberger. “Through our own contribution, we want to grow with the city and work locally to gradually build an independent cell that works in collaboration with other foryouandyourcustomers locations to offer our customers optimal, long-term support in their business and solutions to their challenges,” Andreas Damberger describes the ambitions of his team.

The current service focus in St Pölten is primarily on developing sophisticated solutions with commercetools and SAP Commerce. “We advise our customers on the digital information supply chain and create customer journeys for identifying possible areas of optimisation and making them usable with tried-and-tested tools and methods.” Close collaboration with other foryouandyourcustomers locations means that the new office is already fully integrated in the cell group and can offer potential customers a great deal of expertise beyond that of the St Pölten team thanks to the input of numerous knowledgeable experts in other cells. “This collaboration and our location between Linz and Vienna allow us to take advantage of the synergies with our colleagues in the capital for the benefit of our local customers, as well as helping potential customers in Linz and the surrounding area in the long term with modern business.”

Since foryouandyourcustomers in Vienna had already reached the maximum size permitted under the organisational structure of the company, it was clear to Robert Josef Stadler, a member of the group management board, ‘that another office where the current CEO lives would be practical’. Andreas Damberger has lived in St Pölten since his university days. Now the 35-year-old works there, too. So for the head of the offices of foryouandyourcustomers Vienna and St. Pölten, this move is also a professional step in favour of his chosen home, which is also the case for middleware engineer Franz Klopf who hails from St Pölten as well. Together, the two of them make up the core team of the new location, which will gradually grow. “There are lots of developers who commute from St Pölten to Vienna every day,” says Robert Josef Stadler, a co-initiator of the new office. He adds with a smile, “Around 20 of which can soon look forward to a shorter commute to their new office in St Pölten.”

“At the moment, we are concentrating on ongoing projects with our existing customers and on building up a core team on-site. In the long term, we aim to be one of the most attractive employers in Lower Austria and a competent full-service provider when it comes to the digital change,” says Andreas Damberger, adding, “I am certain that we are already well on our way to achieving that.”

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