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Digital Experience

From research to strategy, from brand to experience, from design system to building a user-centred organisation. With heart, mind and craft, we create effective, sustainable and human solutions with you, for you and your customers.

Experience Management

Society and technology are evolving so fast that it is challenging for businesses to stay relevant. As a result, companies must continuously adapt their products, services and processes to address customer needs to succeed in digital business. We help you build the culture and capabilities you need to develop customer-centric strategies and turn them into digital solutions – whether for B2B, B2C, retail, agriculture, healthcare or other industries. Our full-service approach guarantees an outstanding user experience and ensures long-term customer loyalty, making the company's economic success measurable.

customer acquisition / customer engagement / customer retention / CX strategy / organisational design / roadmap / business case / customer journey / design sprints / systems design / agile enablement / facilitation / design thinking / training / use case analysis

Experience Design

Surprisingly simple interfaces, thought-through journeys across different channels? Our design team helps you define, design and optimise digital products with creativity, passion and empathy – so that your customers will use your products with a good feeling. From quick-win sprints to long-term and large-scale design engagements, we create outstanding customer experiences with real impact. At the heart of our approach is the skilful linking of customer needs, business objectives and technical feasibility. Whether you need sketches for ideation and elaboration, want to develop a reusable design system, or want to launch a new digital service in multiple countries: We're here to help you implement what works best.

e-commerce design / prototyping / research & testing / ideation / customer journey / service design / UX & design / information architecture / design systems & DesignOps / B2B & B2C

Brand Experience

Strong customer loyalty comes from a brand experience that is consistent and authentic. That is why relevant communication is essential: it creates a positive and impactful perception and representation of brand values that stand out from the crowd. We are committed to making your brand speak for itself: uniquely, unmistakably and in the best possible way. Analysing all touchpoints and journeys, we provide new impulses that lead to better human-brand dialogue and help you unlock your brand’s full potential across all channels.

brand assessment / brand guidelines & positioning / communication strategy / social media / creative services / content strategy / SEO / design for responsibility

Research & Testing

We humans tend to rely on assumptions. But assumptions can be flawed, which can be risky and costly in developing products and services. We help you gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of your current and potential customers by collecting, interpreting and transforming data into valuable insights. So where is the shoe pinching? What potential are you missing out on? How can you strengthen your relationship with your customers? Depending on the stage of a product's development, we use qualitative and quantitative methods to identify opportunities, improve designs, and measure a product's performance.

insights-driven decision making / roadmaps / analytics / usability testing / field studies / A/B-testing / benchmarking / interviews / diary studies / card sorting / surveys / focus groups / co-creation / insights management


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This service is made possible by our teams in:

People around a table writing notes on stickies
Four young people in a bright office in a friendly atmosphere.
Werner Spengler and Andreas Gutheil siting behind their workdesk in their office with light walls with windows.
Corridor of the office in Munich, with an arts piece on the left wall and a woman crossing from room to room
Modern and cozy Office architecture.
Person presenting


Our experts

Andrea Jambor Profile Foto in front of "Haus der Kunst"
Andrea Jambor
UI Designer
Conception and realisation of customised visual solutions - from interfaces to infographics.
A smiling person with short hair, dressed with a dark coat and a red scarf.
Annegret Bönemann
Turns your organisational vision and values into reality by designing outstanding experiences for both your customers and employees.
Bernhard sitting in the bus
Bernhard Posselt
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Builds full stack solutions and web services for e-commerce systems.
Portrait of Bettina in front of art
Bettina Bitschnau
Senior User Experience Designer
Visualises consistent user experiences and creates structurally versatile design systems.
Carl Simbruner in a blue shirt and formal trousers is standing in a park with a white stone gazebo behind him.
Carl Simbruner
IT Business Consultant
Consults along the digital information supply chain and consequently is a true bridge builder between the digital and business worlds.
Claus Stachl sitting on his skateboard on a road through nature.
Claus Stachl
Senior UX Designer
Thinks, plans and designs groundbreaking experiences in digital channels and in working life with his team.
Diego Martínez - Software Developer
Diego Martínez
Software Developer
Helps customers building the best front-end solution that end users can easily interact with.
Man with dark hair, in white shirt on a balcony with a view over a city.
Felipe Cruz
Software Developer
Builds user interfaces and web applications, ensuring business goals are met while respecting all users' well-being.
Jens leaning against a wall
Jens Erler
Senior Business Consultant
Consults customers on their digitalisation initiatives and master data strategy and develops the cell Heidelberg.
Jens Plattfaut on a stone bridge with dark green trees in the background.
Jens Plattfaut
Managing Director Munich
Consults customers on digital change and develops the cell in Munich.
Judith Fingerle Head of Customer Excellence
Judith Fingerle
Head of Customer Excellence
Establishes user-centric thinking and action holistically and shows how Customer Centricity can be lived.
Katharina in front of Lake Constance
Katharina Blum
UX Designer
Creates user-centered digital design solutions and systems to match the brand identity.
Kevin with short brown hair, in a blue suit in front of blurred houses.
Kevin Krifter
Senior Consultant and CEO Zurich
Enables our customers with practical problem-solving along the Exploded View and leads the Zurich cell.
Lisandra walking her bike among trees
Lisandra Peña Chaviano
Software Developer
Develops seamless, interactive front-end interfaces for web apps, delivering a high-performance user experience that meets customer needs.
Lukas in a park
Lukas Jöhri
Consultant & Project Manager
Puts your ideas into action by creating clear structures, considering stakeholders and empathising with people.
Marco Torrente in an office setting.
Marco Torrente
Service Designer
Supports clients in the development of user-centred solutions by identifying needs, prototyping and tailored workshops.
Martin is sitting at his desk in front of his laptop.
Martin Flucka
Full stack software developer
Designs and implements innovative software solutions, using a wide range of technologies and programming languages – with passion!
Matias Meno with a black Shirt.
Matias Meno
Full-stack developer
Full-stack developer with a strong focus on beautiful user interfaces and joyful user experiences.
Profile of Ramun
Ramun Knapp
Senior Consultant
Accompanies clients in analysing and improving their customer and employee experience.
Sabina leaning against wall with her arms crossed
Sabina Loacker
Visual Designer
Combines heart and mind, form and function, message and impact, to design solutions that are beautiful – what is beautiful?
Profile Photo of Sandra Bayer looking directly into the camera, wearing white sweater against bright background.
Sandra Bayer
Lead User Experience Designer
Creates intuitive interfaces and services: clear and systematic in design, with a love to detail and focus on user needs.
Man in shirt leaning on a railing
Sebastian Horat
Senior Consultant
Guides through the jungle of digital possibilities on the way to an excellent customer experience.
Simon Schmid with his arms crossed.
Simon Schmid
Digital Information Supply Chain Consultant
Develops socio-technical solutions with his clients for their challenges in the digital age.
Susanne smiles and leans against a tree.
Susanne Müller
CEO Düsseldorf
Leads the Düsseldorf cell with heart and mind and looks at her clients' digitalisation issues from a business perspective.
Werner Spengler standing in the hallway with arms crossed and a white shirt
Werner Spengler
CEO Frankfurt
Accompanies companies on their way to multichannel and digital transformation with passion and pleasure.
Yasemin Dolu
Yasemin Dolu
UX Designer
Discovering true user needs and creating insightful user experiences, with a data-focused & human-centered approach.