We create simple and valuable solutions in digital transformation. With clever minds, skilled hands and a lot of heart. Welcome to Uster!

Do you like hot chocolate?

Were you thinking about coffee or hot chocolate when you opened this website? Don't worry, we're also concerned about business here, but still about people and personal needs in the business environment and, of course, about a good relationship with our fellow human beings. For this we take our time and listen carefully, ask questions and help to enter new territory, to think about new steps early and are also here when things get more complex and intransparent.

System Landscape / Agile Roles / Customer Experience / Prototyping / Business Consulting / Customer Journey / Design Sprint / Design Thinking / Change management / Make it tangible / Maturity Assessment / Organisational Development / Service Landscape / Performance improvement / User experience / Strategy development and implementation / Exploded View / Decision Making Process / Organizational design / Leadership Coaching / Process Optimisation / Organizational culture / Employee development

Flying to the moon

You probably didn't end up here because of a new drone? But why not? Or why not let us build a rocket together and fly to the moon? But also back again, because even on the way back we will stay by your side.

Master Data Management / Digital Factory / Digital Information Supply Chain / System Architecture / Cloud Engineering / Application Development / Data privacy consulting / Infrastructure planning / Cloud migration / Cybersecurity / E-Commerce / Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) / E-Commerce / MACH


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Our team in Uster

Andreas leaning against the side of a barn.
Andreas Manios
Senior Software Engineer
Develops software, following his mantra of agile processes, teamwork and being technologically up to date.
Andreas leaning on rail
Andreas Meier
Head of Location Uster
Connects people and topics for sustainable added value – as managing director and management consultant.
Claudia carrying a surfboard
Claudia Vonchristen
Office Manager
Enables a well-structured way of working, adds a creative touch to everyday office life and a personal touch to the digital world.
Daniel Darioli sitting at a desk in an office in between his laptop and a screen.
Daniel Darioli
Senior Project Manager
Develops and leads e-commerce concepts with impact in digital business activities.
A man sits on a pier and looks into the distance.
Daniel Stadelmann
Senior Project Manager
Brings relevant people together and provides guidance on the journey of digitalisation.
David standing by the lake
David Shulman
Senior Solutions Architect
Designs and builds technical solutions for demanding business tasks using the latest technologies.
Gisela leaning on her balcony
Gisela Merz-Bossert
Organizes customer and supplier accounting and records the income and expenses of foryouandyourcustomers PLC.
Profile picture of Hans Albrecht Bartels taken in a forest.
Hans Albrecht Bartels
CRM Consultant
Navigates the dichotomous forces of corporate objectives and marketing concepts to ensure that customers still experience that personal touch.
Johanna standing with her horse
Johanna Rink
Marketing Coordinator
Enthusiastically accompanies organizational development projects.
Lukas in a park
Lukas Jöhri
Consultant & Project Manager
Puts your ideas into action by creating clear structures, considering stakeholders and empathising with people.
Mischa leaning against wall
Mischa Reolon
Systems Engineer
Helps a wide variety of customers with IT problems.
Profile of Ramun
Ramun Knapp
Senior Consultant
Accompanies clients in analysing and improving their customer and employee experience.
Profile photo of René Hungerbühler.
René Hungerbühler
DevOps Engineer
Designs, builds and maintains secure, highly available and scalable cloud infrastructures for cloud-based applications and services.
Reto leaning on railing
Reto Stebler
Senior Solution Architect
Designs comprehensible technical approaches from challenging requirements that lead to intelligent and robust solutions.
Man in shirt leaning on a railing
Sebastian Horat
Senior Consultant
Guides through the jungle of digital possibilities on the way to an excellent customer experience.
Tobias sitting on a bench in the park
Tobias Zwimpfer
Multichannel Consultant
Accompanies customers in developing coherent overall systems to optimize the experience for all stakeholders on all channels.

We employ more people than visible. As an integral company, we leave it up to our employees whether they appear on the website.