On the banks of the Rhine in Dusseldorf, foryouandyourcustomers blends digital expertise and human intuition to deliver value to your business.

Customer Master Data Management (CMDM)

Customer data is - next to product data - the most important resource in your company. Due to the constantly growing number of touchpoints and customer requirements, the need to consolidate customer data in a central MDM solution and to optimise the customer approach is also increasing.

Golden Record / Customer Data / Customer Register / Duplicate check / Address validation / Customer History / Customer Journey / Omni-Channel / Personalisation

Product Information Management (PIM)

Product data is the engine of your company. For a compelling "customer journey", up-to-date and assured quality product data on all channels are the essential prerequisite.

foryouandyourcustomers is your companion in the selection of a PIM system, the analysis of your processes and the implementation of the PIM solution as a central product data platform.

PIM / Stibo STEP / Data Onboarding / Product Data / Project Management / Data Migration / Data Analysis / Vendor Onboarding / Data Quality / Quality Assurance / Publishing / Data Consistency / Translation Process

Digital Information Supply Chain (DISC)

The Digital Information Supply Chain is the digital twin of your real supply chain. Your expertise in this area is a prerequisite for efficient business activities and flawless customer experiences with your company.

With our proven toolbox, we support our customers in analysing their data, organisation, processes and system landscape. In this way, we identify the sticking points and measures to increase the maturity of your digitalisation.

Exploded View / Business Analysis / Use Cases / Roadmap / System Landscape / Information Modell / Process Modell


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Our team in Dusseldorf

Person wearing glasses standing on a corner with arms crossed
Christina Fröhlich
Office & Conference Management
Supports our consultants as Office Manager and thus makes a valuable contribution to the success of our team.
Frau im Schneidersitz vor Kunst
Claudia Müller
Integral Communication
Orchestrates the relationships between foryouandyourcustomers' employees and their network and communicates with them in an integrated way.
Damian smiles and holds a camera in his hands.
Damian Deßler
Senior Business Consultant
Guides clients on their digitalisation path with extensive experience and structures challenges in a surprisingly simple way.
Lars leaning against the edge of a large table
Lars Brochhagen
Application Consultant
Supports you in evaluating, developing and implementing user-friendly solutions to optimise the data quality of your company.
Nicole standing with arms crossed
Nicole Beller
Application Consultant
Develops user-friendly solutions to optimize the data quality for your multichannel business.
Person wearing a vest standing in front of a rusty wall
Patrick Faller
Project Manager, Requirements Engineer
Supports requirements elicitation, leads projects and harmonises teams as Scrum Master
Roland lehnt in der Eingangstür im Office Düsseldorf
Roland Kurzhöfer
Senior Business Consultant
Develops solutions for MDM challenges with heart and a lot of expertise.
Susanne smiles and leans against a tree.
Susanne Müller
CEO Düsseldorf
Leads the Düsseldorf cell with heart and mind and looks at her clients' digitalisation issues from a business perspective.
Tobias standing by a door
Tobias Wächter
Application Consultant
Joins you on the multi-faceted path of digitalisation.

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