In Sofia, foryouandyourcustomers offers comprehensive support throughout the entire software engineering lifecycle.

Software Engineering

We are involved in the full lifecycle of Software implementation - from requirements engineering, through implementation and delivery to the continuous support.

Requirements Engineering / System architecture / Back-end development / Front-end development / Systems integration


We have broad experience in building, integrating and customising of modern, scalable and high performant e-commerce solutions.

commercetools / B2B / B2C / PIM integration / Search engine integration / Payment integration

Data Engineering

From data collection and storage to processing and analysis, our comprehensive data engineering services cover all stages of the data lifecycle to help businesses make data-driven decisions, and ultimately improve their operations. We focus on cutting-edge technologies that can improve the digital channel landscape of our customers.

Data Management / Data analytics / Data Services / Cloud / DevOps


Perspectives, news and stories


Our team in Sofia

A young woman standing in a modern looking office.
Adriana Alexandrova
Front End Developer
Develops custom front-end solutions for the web.
Albena Mancheva sitting in a cushioned chair with open laptop smiling..
Albena Mancheva
Leads the cell at Sofia and supports our customers with expertise in software engineering and scrum methodology.
Young woman reading in an office.
Boryana Dinkova
Front End Developer
Takes part in creating beautiful and performant products with delightful user experiences.
Profile of Ivan
Ivan Chavdarov
Software Engineer
Develops back-end solutions for e-commerce.
Man with long dark hair in black jumper smiles into the camera.
Ivan Kolarov
Office Assistant
Supports the CEO of Sofia with a variety of administration and team event-related tasks and occasionally creates digital content.
Person in suit at the end of a big staircase
Marta Simeonova
Senior Web Developer
Develops with passion Frontend solutions, at the intersection between code and UX.
Young man standing near a column.
Mihail Mihaylov
Senior Backend Developer
Develops back-end solutions and supports customers in their digital change.
Young man in business surroundings standing by the window.
Nikolay Antchev
Senior Software Engineer
Develops custom web solutions in collaboration with our customers and implements them on the front-end of web applications.
Nikolay sitting on a couch, holding a mug
Nikolay Astahov
Backend Developer
Develops, maintains and scales high-performance and secure back-end systems.
Young man in a checkered shirt standing in front of a graffiti sprayed wall.
Nikolay Petrov
Senior Data Engineer
Supports customers in building data-driven solutions using on-premise and cloud-based data platforms.
Pavel sitting on stone stairs.
Pavel Ushanli
Senior Backend Developer
Designs and implements scalable back-end solutions and optimises data processing for customer satisfaction.
Philip leaning on a concrete lodge
Philip Dimitrov
Team Lead
Designs and builds the back-end solutions.
Person sitting on concrete lodge
Stoyan Halev
Backend Developer
Manages complex software projects from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and meeting all client requirements.
Venko sitting by a tree
Venko Slavchev
Front End Developer
Helps customers in the process of designing and developing reliable solutions.
Vasilev leaning on railing
Vladislav Vasilev
Software Developer
Develops new user-facing features, determines the structure and design of web pages and optimises page loading times.

We employ more people than visible. As an integral company, we leave it up to our employees whether they appear on the website.