Our office in Vienna is right next to the culinary famous "Naschmarkt" and we at foryouandyourcustomers also ask you here: "What would you like?".

Symmetric courtyard in Vienna

E-Commerce Consulting & Solutions

We specialise in developing and implementing customised, cloud-based composable commerce solutions to drive the digital transformation of your business. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and platforms such as Agil, Mirakl, and Commercetools, we provide scalable, agile solutions for B2B and B2C that enable seamless omnichannel experiences, efficient fulfilment and exceptional shopping experiences. Our comprehensive services include solution design, legacy system migration, platform migration, technical support and optimisation of shopping experiences through personalised recommendations and data analytics. Our goal is to make your e-commerce business more competitive through faster time-to-market, cost optimisation and improved customer experiences, supported by an omnichannel commerce framework and continuous success monitoring through KPIs.

composable commerce / omnichannel commerce framework / cloud-migration / data migration / seamless omnichannel experience / personalisation / fulfillment / marketplace / system evaluation / system architecture / system integration / content management / requirements engineering / project management

Integral organisational development

We are convinced that we must start with our own human being to rethink ourselves and our organisations and create something successful. Our experts in Vienna combine transformation support, organisational, executive, and team development in a holistic integral approach. We use innovative methods like LEGO Serious Play and Liberating Structures, combined with conflict resolution and mediation techniques, to address both the external and internal dimensions of change. This holistic service promotes critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and systemic work, supports the development of high-performance teams, and strengthens leadership skills to enable dynamic and sustainable transformation in your organisation. Because we are convinced: Within every team lies an even better one.

integral organisational development / change management / team development / psychological safety / systemic work / neuro leadership / contemporary business / emotional intelligence / interpersonal skills / LEGO serious play / creative workshops / conflict management / conflict resolution


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Our team in Vienna

Agnes sitting and looking at camera
Agnes Halbeisen
Assistant and Backoffice Manager
Takes care of the office management of our location in Vienna.
Profile picture of Astrid
Astrid Strobl
Software Developer
Develops in the back-end of web applications and maps customers' business logic with customized data models and processes.
Bernhard sitting in the bus
Bernhard Posselt
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Builds full stack solutions and web services for e-commerce systems.
Profile of Bjorna
Bjorna Kalaja
Software Developer
Contributes to the development of sustainable back-end applications in support of clients' business needs.
Christina feeding her cat a treat
Christina Lechner
Graphic Designer
Works as a graphic designer and illustrator.
Person in yellow hoodie looking at camera
Christoph Rippel
Software Developer
Takes care of data transformation in the Azure Cloud including managing infrastructure and development operations (DevOps).
Christoph smiles into the camera in a blue T-shirt.
Christoph Schmidradler
Software Developer
Develops well thought-out software solutions, adapted to the needs of our customers.
Person in flannel with hands in pocket
Dietmar Pangerl
Solution Architect
Develops sustainable software solutions in close coordination with his customers.
Eric standing in front of a staircase.
Eric Hofmann
Supports people, teams and organisations in their inner and outer development.
Franz standing with his arms folded at the top of a staircase.
Franz Klopf
Middleware Engineer
Implements infrastructure, solves its problems and keeps it running.
Person holding a basketball
Georg Schinnerl
SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Develops the back-end of applications for our clients' digital sales platforms.
George with hands in pocket and leaning against a statue
George Sabau
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Develops B2B/B2C applications and supports both clients and developers in the design and implementation of software solutions.
Jacqueline with blond hair, wearing a black jacket, leans against a wall. On the right, a painting.
Jacqueline Pregesbauer
Assistant Integral Identity Communication
Supports integral communication at foryouandyourcustomers to bring our identity and what we do to the outside world.
Person holding a cup of coffee
Julian Haderer
Software Developer
Designs customized and sophisticated software solutions for you and your customers.
Lukas is standing in front of a work of art in the office.
Lukas Dünser
Senior Web Developer
Uses his know-how to create a platform for customers on which their ideas and concepts can best be expressed.
A man in a suit, smiling in an office with art on the wall.
Manuel Hanel
Leads the Vienna cell and supports clients in the long-term as a consultant, project manager and scrum master.
Marino standing with their arms folded.
Marino Matijević
Software Developer
Develops e-commerce solutions that are tailor-made and well thought-out.
Martin is sitting at his desk in front of his laptop.
Martin Flucka
Full stack software developer
Designs and implements innovative software solutions, using a wide range of technologies and programming languages – with passion!
Matias Meno with a black Shirt.
Matias Meno
Full-stack developer
Full-stack developer with a strong focus on beautiful user interfaces and joyful user experiences.
Robert Josef Stadler standing in a garden, slightly waving.
Robert Josef Stadler
In retirement
Since its foundation, supported for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers in many ways.
Person holding a poster
Sali Ölhafen
Art Curator
Promotes the perception of the impact of art, shaped and curated the international exhibitions the first ten years.
Thomas holding a baseball bat
Thomas Fichtenbauer
Senior Software Developer
Builds cloud-based e-commerce applications and back-end solutions for individual customer needs.

We employ more people than visible. As an integral company, we leave it up to our employees whether they appear on the website.