How Komax's digitalisation led to the establishment of its own "Digital Factory" 3/3

2023-06-07 Sebastian Horat
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Komax is a global leader in automated wire processing, currently on a journey of digitalisation.

Digitalisation often necessitates the creation of new IT roles within companies, requiring support to identify and recruit the right specialists. Read in this final part of the Komax case study, how foryouandyourcustomers effectively addressed this challenge.

When companies venture into digitalisation, they face a critical question: Do they have the necessary talent in-house, or do they need to create new positions and seek external recruitment?

Not yet the charisma of an employer for digitalisation specialists

Komax, like many others, found itself grappling with this dilemma. The company yearned for the expertise of IT specialists to drive their digitalisation efforts forward. However, the digital charisma that would attract such specialists had yet to be established.

Understanding the predicament, foryouandyourcustomers stepped in to lend a helping hand. We recognised the acute shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector and the time it takes to find the right professionals. We knew that Komax's allure as an employer for digitalisation specialists needed a boost. So, we decided to fill the vacant roles ourselves.

Even if the new jobs are defined, IT specialists cannot be found overnight.

Sebastian Horat, Senior Consultant at foryouandyourcustomers

We filled roles at Komax

As the development of Komax's Unified Customer Experience (KUDEX) project began, our team, in collaboration with another partner, donned multiple hats. We assumed the roles of UX designers, agile coaches, and developers across various domains. Sebastian Horat, a Senior Consultant at foryouandyourcustomers, took on the mantle of a product owner. Equipped with industry knowledge gained through intense discussions with stakeholders at Komax, he made decisions from the customer's perspective.

"In the early stages of the project, ideas often diverged widely", Horat says. However, the path of digitalisation necessitates collective effort, with everyone aligned and pulling in the same direction. Horat's crucial task therefore involved fostering clear communication and ensuring transparency throughout the process.

"We built a digital factory"

But our mission didn't end there. In addition to implementing KUDEX, we set out to prepare the positions that would soon be needed at Komax. We aimed to transfer the roles we initially filled and establish what we proudly called a "Digital Factory." This visionary concept brought together a multidisciplinary team, encompassing all the necessary skills and expertise from various parts of the company, as well as external service providers. With a robust budget at their disposal, this team was poised to develop the product with end-to-end responsibility.

We built a Digital Factory, where all the necessary skills and employees are united in a multi-disciplinary team.

Sebastian Horat, Senior Consultant at foryouandyourcustomers

"As KUDEX went live, a remarkable transformation took place." Komax's allure as an employer in the IT sector grew quickly. The success of the project instilled confidence within the company, radiating an aura of self-assurance to the outside world. Consequently, finding the right people for the available positions became a much smoother process.

The Digital Factory is growing rapidly

Today, Komax's Digital Factory thrives with a team of 25 talented individuals, including a dedicated product owner, content manager, CIAM product owner, and innovation manager. While foryouandyourcustomers continues to provide ongoing support and guidance, we are well aware that "One day Komax will venture forth independently and without us," says Horat. This with a team that knows where it's going.

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