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Organisational Development

We reveal the unseen and unspoken. Making the intangible tangible – fully present to foster your personal and organisational evolution.

Jonathan Möller presenting to a group of people from a flipchart

Improving team excellence

What happens to a high-performance team when it successfully evolves? It becomes a high-value team. No matter what you call it, these teams focus on delivering (added) value fast while making the best use of available resources. We know the ingredients for great team development, prosperous and sustainable collaboration and, eventually, outstanding, innovative results. We are happy to help as a leading example.

high-value team / high-performance team / added value / delivery / teamwork / team building / roles / innovation / output / focus / traction / joint vision / impact / appreciation / openness / self-organisation / principles / collaboration

Fostering company culture

Corporate culture is a result. The result from visible and invisible behaviours, inner attitudes, and personal relationships – with all their lived or violated values. As individual and collective values are fundamental, we reveal them together with you, your team or the whole organisation. We define desirable objectives and lead well towards them, supporting you with sound advice and reliable methods to measure, visualise, develop and implement.

corporate culture / values / behaviour / individual / collective / objectives / development / organisation / team / coaching / participation / soft skills / leadership / people-centered / humans / relationships / fundamental / facilitation

Boosting your communication

What people say (or not) is only part of what they transmit. It has a direct influence on people’s perceived psychological safety and engagement. How we communicate in organisations therefore significantly indicates our well-being, similarities and differences, and existing potential. We help to unlock this potential by making communication a conscious and tangible experience and aligning it clearly.

communication / clarity / tacit message / indicator / trust / well-being / psychological safety / experience / potential / training / storytelling / systemic / awareness / engagement / understanding / open space

Supporting doers & pioneers

Organisations and their people should embrace an awareness of needs. They should act in ways that foster the well-being of the whole and the individual. We strive to embody this philosophy in everything we do: From our company culture and civilisation to our products and services – a people-centric mindset! We are an inspiring partner providing reliable orientation for leaders, experts, and people who make a difference. Whatever your personal and organisational challenges, we are here to help you succeed.

needs / awareness / coaching / sparring / mentoring / humans / succession / success / roles / companionship / reliability / actions / partner / people centricity / support / attitude / culture / civilisation


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Our experts

Agnes sitting and looking at camera
Agnes Halbeisen
Assistant and Backoffice Manager
Takes care of the office management of our location in Vienna.
Profile photo of a man with short white hair and trimmed beard.
André Mahler
Head of Corporate Civilisation
Supports the development of companies and the people involved in an integral manner.
Anna at laptop
Anna Marienberg
Office Manager
Supports the CEO by managing the back office as well as organizing events and creates an environment where people enjoy working.
Axel Helbig CEO foryouandyourcustomers Essen
Axel Helbig
CEO Essen
Gives orientation in digital change as well as for you and your customers.
Carl Simbruner in a blue shirt and formal trousers is standing in a park with a white stone gazebo behind him.
Carl Simbruner
IT Business Consultant
Consults along the digital information supply chain and consequently is a true bridge builder between the digital and business worlds.
Person wearing glasses standing on a corner with arms crossed
Christina Fröhlich
Office & Conference Management
Supports our consultants as Office Manager and thus makes a valuable contribution to the success of our team.
Elmar E. Grandel is standing in an entrance framed by carved wooden door.
Elmar E. Grandel
Senior Business Consultant
Advises and supports you in the development of your Data Strategy, Data Governance and the topics around Master Data Management and Analytics.
Florian in a dark suit jacket smiles at the camera against a blurred background.
Florian Knaupp
Managing Director Munich
Accompanies his customers into a sustainable, data-driven future in the context of digital transformation, along the digital supply chain.
Isabelle with laptop in garden
Isabelle Hospenthal
Accounting and Financial Management
Is responsible for qualified and reliable bookkeeping and financial management.
Jens Plattfaut on a stone bridge with dark green trees in the background.
Jens Plattfaut
Managing Director Munich
Consults customers on digital change and develops the cell in Munich.
Jonathan Möller in a gray suit, smiling in front of a gray wall
Jonathan Möller
Founder & President
Assists leaders in the further development of their businesses.
Kevin with short brown hair, in a blue suit in front of blurred houses.
Kevin Krifter
Senior Consultant and CEO Zurich
Enables our customers with practical problem-solving along the Exploded View and leads the Zurich cell.
Essener Office manager posing in Folkwang museum
Rabea Jacke
Office Manager
Optimize organizational processes for a positive and efficient work environment
Profile of Ramun
Ramun Knapp
Senior Consultant
Accompanies clients in analysing and improving their customer and employee experience.
Person holding a poster
Sali Ölhafen
Art Curator
Promotes the perception of the impact of art, shaped and curated the international exhibitions the first ten years.