ETH Zurich (IVIA Lab) and foryouandyourcustomers are partnering to pioneer AI in visualising language data.

2024-03-04 Jonathan Möller
Partnering together: IVIA at ETH Zurich and foryouandyourcustomers are Pioneering the Use of AI in the Visualization of Natural Language Data.

We at foryouandyourcustomers are pleased to announce a three-year collaboration with the Interactive Visualization & Intelligence Augmentation Lab (IVIA) at ETH Zurich, started in February this year. This partnership will give rise to an open source platform that fundamentally changes the way organisations can interact with their data.

The Interactive Visualization & Intelligence Augmentation Lab (IVIA) at ETH Zurich, represented by Prof. Dr. Mennatallah El-Assady, focuses on blending data analysis, visualisation, computational linguistics, and AI. They specialise in making complex text data understandable and usable through advanced visual and interactive tools. Their goal is to develop AI systems that are both powerful and explainable, enhancing knowledge externalisation, user comprehension and decision-making processes.

"Together we focus on externalising business knowledge to make complex data more understandable and actionable. This collaboration is in line with our ambition to improve customer value through innovative solutions, based on our consulting approach Exploded View. We are excited to partner with IVIA Lab on this project."

Matthias Faupel, foryouandyourcustomers AG

A key project with foryouandyourcustomers is aiming to semi-automate the extraction and visual representation of multi-layered business data. We call this project "EVOLVE" s Exploded View's Orchestrated Learning & Visualization Environment. Prof. Dr. Mennatallah El-Assady, the leader of IVIA Lab, expressed her enthusiasm about the project:

"This collaboration with foryouandyourcustomers is an extraordinary opportunity to bridge the gap between scientific research and practical business applications, offering tangible benefits to businesses."

Prof. Dr. Mennatallah El-Assady, ETH Zurich, IVIA Lab

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