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Data Intelligence

Data intelligence is the key to unlocking the wisdom in your data assets. We help you leverage data to innovate and stay ahead of the competition in today's data-driven business landscape.

Data Strategy

Data is valuable for any organisation, but managing it can be challenging. We help companies master this challenge with a data strategy by providing a range of solutions: Data governance to establish policies for data management; data architecture to create a structure for data assets; organisational development to drive data-driven decision-making; data quality to ensure reliability; CDO companionship to provide strategic guidance; and data assessment to evaluate current practices and suggest improvements. These components allow you to harness the full potential of your data assets and achieve your business goals.

data governance / data quality / organisational development / data architecture / chief data officer companionship / data assessment

Solution Engineering

Organisations need practical solutions to collect, store, process and analyse large volumes of data. With our solution engineering we help you achieve this. We work with Talend for seamless data integration, Microsoft Azure for cloud-based data solutions, Cloud Infrastructure, microservices for flexible and scalable software development, Data Platform, and Data Logistics. With them, we create an effective solution engineering strategy to support your data needs and drive your business success.

data engineering / Talend / Microsoft Azure / cloud infrastructure / microservices / data platform / data logistics

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is essential for your business to extract insights and make informed decisions. Our data analytics expertise includes reports and KPIs to track business performance and identify trends, data storytelling to communicate insights effectively, and PowerBI to visualise and analyse data as a foundation for data-driven decision making. We help you leverage your data.

reports & KPIs / data storytelling / PowerBI

Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced data analytics is essential for your company to stay ahead of the competition. We support you to implement machine learning for pattern recognition, time-series forecasting to predict future trends, and data science for extracting insights. With these components, we create a powerful advanced data analytics strategy, driving innovation, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction. You can leverage your data to succeed in today's fast-paced digital world.

machine learning / time-series forecasting / data science / data-driven decision making / predictive maintenance / product recommendations


Effective training is the foundation of a successful data-driven organisation. Our training includes the Data Ambassador Program, an immersive training programme designed to build a data-driven culture. Training on the job provides practical experience, while blended learning combines classroom and online learning for a flexible and effective training experience. Together, these components ensure a skilled and motivated workforce that can effectively leverage data to achieve business objectives. With training, you stay ahead of the competition by building a culture of innovation and continuous learning, setting your company up for success in the digital age.

Data Ambassador Program / training on the job / blended learning


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This service is made possible by our teams in:

Two women around at their working place in an office in Essen with bright windows.
Bright office hall in Heidelberg old town with wooden floor.
Corridor of the office in Munich, with an arts piece on the left wall and a woman crossing from room to room
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Our experts

Albena Mancheva sitting in a cushioned chair with open laptop smiling..
Albena Mancheva
Leads the cell at Sofia and supports our customers with expertise in software engineering and scrum methodology.
Andreas leaning against the side of a barn.
Andreas Manios
Senior Software Engineer
Develops software, following his mantra of agile processes, teamwork and being technologically up to date.
Bernhard sitting in the bus
Bernhard Posselt
Senior SAP Commerce Cloud Developer
Builds full stack solutions and web services for e-commerce systems.
A man sits on a pier and looks into the distance.
Daniel Stadelmann
Senior Project Manager
Brings relevant people together and provides guidance on the journey of digitalisation.
Denisa with the Guide to the Galaxy
Denisa Kykalová
Senior Business Consultant & Analyst
Analyses your business reality and helps you align your data with it and optimise their benefits.
Elmar E. Grandel is standing in an entrance framed by carved wooden door.
Elmar E. Grandel
Senior Business Consultant
Advises and supports you in the development of your Data Strategy, Data Governance and the topics around Master Data Management and Analytics.
Florian in a dark suit jacket smiles at the camera against a blurred background.
Florian Knaupp
Managing Director Munich
Accompanies his customers into a sustainable, data-driven future in the context of digital transformation, along the digital supply chain.
Ildar Allayarov Profilbild vor Wasserfall
Ildar Allayarov
Senior Data Engineer
Empowers companies to leverage the data they possess by extracting valuable insights, thereby unlocking fresh opportunities for their businesses.
At the desk
Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold
CEO & Senior Project Manager (Baar & Athens)
Manages Baar- & Athens and supports customers in PIM/MDM implementations with business consulting in the context of digital strategy.
Jens leaning against a wall
Jens Erler
Senior Business Consultant
Consults customers on their digitalisation initiatives and master data strategy and develops the cell Heidelberg.
Jens Plattfaut on a stone bridge with dark green trees in the background.
Jens Plattfaut
Managing Director Munich
Consults customers on digital change and develops the cell in Munich.
Joeri leaning against a wall in the sun
Joeri Moors
Business Development Director
Develops business, driving intelligent and digital transformation to achieve digital excellence.
Kevin in a suit, leaning against a door and smiling
Kevin Kramp
Senior Business Consultant
Supports clients in the development and implementation of their master data strategy.
Profile photo of Michael Krawczyk in a suit, smiling at the camera.
Michael Krawczyk
Digital Consultant
Develops solutions in the business intelligence and analytics area and supports working with data more efficiently and effectively.
Profile photo of René Hungerbühler.
René Hungerbühler
DevOps Engineer
Designs, builds and maintains secure, highly available and scalable cloud infrastructures for cloud-based applications and services.
A man in a white shirt stands in front of a stone wall.
Reto Stebler
Senior Solution Architect
Designs comprehensible technical approaches from challenging requirements that lead to intelligent and robust solutions.
Tobias Bartsch is standing in marine blue suit with black sweater next to stone pillars.
Tobias Bartsch
Senior Engineer Cloud & Big Data
Develops customised data and cloud solutions from idea to production.
Yi-Chen Liu is walking through a park during summer.
Yi-Chen Liu
Data Engineer
Supports customers in the development of data-driven solutions and ensures data quality.