Supercharging project development: The remarkable impact of a Design Sprint 2/3

2023-06-01 Sebastian Horat
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Komax is a global leader in automated wire processing, currently on a journey of digitalisation.

The Design Sprint is a powerful tool for formulating the goals of a digital product within a short time and setting the starting point with a high-level roadmap. For our customer Komax, foryouandyourcustomers cleverly adapted this working method. Welcome to the second part of our case study.

In the fast-paced world of digital product development, time is of the essence. That's why our team at foryouandyourcustomers turned to the Design Sprint—a powerful tool—to bring Komax's MVP (Minimal Viable Product) to life within a remarkable ten months. This innovative methodology, originally developed by Google, enables teams to create groundbreaking products in just one week while minimising the risks of errors. But be prepared, this isn't your typical week-long endeavor.

"Embarking on this journey demands a touch of courage," emphasizes Sebastian Horat, our Senior Consultant specialised in Customer Experience and Service Design. By assembling a diverse ensemble of stakeholders and specialists, the Design Sprint unites them in a shared mission, immersing them in a week like no other. Initially, there might be apprehension about the outcome, but as Horat affirms, when we "Trust the process," the Design Sprint helps to consistently deliver.

Making informed decisions instead of political ones

At foryouandyourcustomers, we understand that a successful Design Sprint is not only about designing a new product but also about setting an entire initiative on the right track. Prior to the Design Sprint week, our team conducted guideline interviews with stakeholders, seeking their expectations for KUDEX and understanding their unique perspectives. This invaluable insight not only shaped the process but also allowed us to gather the necessary knowledge and create a solid foundation.

Regardless of roles or titles, everyone—from graphic designers to technicians to corporate leaders—must come together on an equal footing.

Sebastian Horat, Senior Consultant

Collaboration lies at the heart of a successful Design Sprint. Regardless of roles or titles, everyone—from graphic designers to technicians to corporate leaders—must come together on an equal footing. Our motto is clear: "Decisions should be made based on expertise, not politics." Armed with the insights gathered, we distilled the results into a collection of hypotheses and sketched an initial visual prototype. The stage was set for the Design Sprint week to unfold.

Design Sprint at Komax

Participants in an ideation workshop

In our tailored approach for Komax, we condensed the traditional five-day Design Sprint into a focused three-day sprint. During these intensive days—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—ideas flourished, sketches took shape, feedback was incorporated, and prototypes were refined. We brought all participants to the same level of knowledge, delved deeper into available content, and determined the preliminary work needed. Technical questions surfaced, ensuring a seamless connection between the "engine room" (Komax's digital systems and databases) and the "sun deck" (the visible web experience). Together, we assembled a team of specialists to address these critical aspects (Read more about this on part 3 of this case).

After one week, the target image was clear and tangible enough to start specific activities and further preparations.

Salvatore Ruggiero, Lead Digital Transformation Programs at Komax

Low effort, high yield

After just one week, the Design Sprint yielded tangible results. All objectives were crystal clear: a new technical foundation for digital services was set in motion. The initial outcomes included the creation of a new website, the groundwork for a unified customer login, and the integration of an existing service system as the first accessible online digital tool. Furthermore, the High Level Roadmap took shape, providing a concrete plan for implementation. Remarkably, the first objective—the website—was achieved in just ten months.

Indeed, by the end of the Design Sprint week, all objectives had been defined: a new technical foundation for digital services was to be constructed. The initial visible outcomes included the creation of a new website, laying the groundwork for a unified customer login, and integrating an existing service system as the first digital tool to be made accessible online. In addition, the High Level Roadmap took shape during this very week. It paved the way for concrete implementation, enabling the achievement of the first objective, the website, in just ten months.

Design Sprint at Komax

Results from ideation workshop

"The Design Sprint not only yields practical results in record time but also ensures their durability," affirms Horat. With the involvement of various business areas and disciplines, the Design Sprint brings lasting impact to a company. While pre-projects of this nature typically take months, the Design Sprint generates a remarkably high output with minimal effort, thanks to its proven methodology. Trust in the process is key.

Evolve your digital product development with a Design Sprint. Let foryouandyourcustomers guide you through this accelerated journey, delivering remarkable results in record time. Trust the process and unlock your true potential.

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