Culture and civilisation

Bridging human experience and economic endeavours

Participants of the Yearly Group Meeting standing on a staircase in Regensburg

At foryouandyourcustomers, our organisational structure is designed to foster personal growth. We believe that each individual has the potential to progress personally and professionally, and we strive to support this maturity path through in a variety of ways.

Start with who

A fundamental aspect of foryouandyourcustomers is that every employee contributes to their own well-being, as well as to the success of their cell, the entire group, the environment, and our customers. We view paid work as an integral part of our lives, providing a valuable opportunity for self-development.

Integral Business Philosophy

Our founders, Robert Josef Stadler, Stephan Müller, and Jonathan Möller, have long embraced integral management principles. Since foryouandyourcustomers' inception, the goal has been to embody these principles and serve as a model for contemporary businesses. We have even published two books on the subject.

A network of cells

To foster strong personal connections, we limit the size of each cell to 25 employees. This structure enables personalised guidance and promotes both personal and professional development within close-knit groups. When a cell reaches its maximum capacity, it is divided to create a new cell with a new managing director. The same principle applies to the entire group as it grows.

No headquarters required

Trust is fundamental to our company culture. Each cell operates with its own managing director and staff, functioning as an interdependent unit. Cells and their members enjoy a high degree of autonomy, contributing to the success of the broader organization while continuing to develop and generate value.

Minimal Hierarchy

Our lean hierarchy is centered around the board of directors, which consists of one managing director from each cell. The group's CEO intervenes only in rare circumstances, such as implementing our integral management system or shaping our group identity. Our values and agreed-upon rules – along with mutual respect inside and outside the company – form the foundation of our hierarchical structure.