Adrian Künzi exhibits his work at the Zurich office

Adrian Künzi exhibits his work at the Zurich office

It is an important and wonderful tradition: hosting a private viewing to kick off exhibits at respective for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers locations. This time it was the Zurich office that held a première, and many friends, family members and customers came to the event at Röntgenstrasse 22. Together with artist Adrian Künzi, for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers  Zurich invited guests to enjoy ‘A House, A Man, A Ship’: the 18th permanent exhibition hosted by the company.

It’s not the first exhibition the Swiss wood sculptor Adrian Künzi has had in the offices of foryouandyourcustomers, but it is something very special. The freelance artist worked with curator Sali Oelhafen to compile and arrange 45 pieces – tall, narrow-pieced sculptures, wood cuts, steles, reliefs and shapes. It is a large selection of Künzi’s striking woodwork, a selection from his broad spectrum of themes, of pieces that have been left natural or finished in colour.

‘His art is striking, really reduced down to the bare essentials. The chainsaw helps him do that – its lack of precision keeps him from getting too lost in the details,’ art curator Brigit Meier says, pointedly describing Künzi’s creations over the past years in her introduction. It is the work of an artist whose pieces showcase courage for big ideas and rough concepts, with shapes that are formed following ever recurring patterns – ladders, steles, vessels. The artist himself was visibly touched in the end: ‘Yes, this is how I am. This is me and this is my art,’ Adrian Künzi said in just a few words.

Around 80 guests and employees came to Zurich especially for the evening event to celebrate with us and the artist. Art is an integral part of foryouandyourcustomers. Art unites us, builds relationships and this time as well, brings us together to laugh, socialise and network late into the evening.

As the event drew to a close, Patrick Schmitter, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Zurich, was clearly thrilled with how it went – with the successful première of the exhibition, the fantastic reception from the guests and above all, with the perfect arrangement executed by Sali Ölhafen and Adrian Künzi. ‘This will certainly not be the last event we invite customers and friends to here in Zurich.’

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