First-hand visual instruction

24th Business Breakfast in Munich: First-hand visual instruction

The 24th Business Breakfast by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers on Thursday, 30 March 2017 was an opportunity for participants to gain more information, ideas and support for their own businesses. On this occasion, in Munich, multichannel customer data quality was on the agenda.

Daniel Gebler (Picnic) and Anja Pfenning (mydays) provided stimulating practical demonstrations at the breakfast event and offered useful real-life examples, while CRM expert Hans-Albrecht Bartels from foryouandyourcustomers provided a theoretical framework. One of the highlights undoubtedly was the presentation by Daniel Gebler detailing the success story of Dutch mobile supermarket Picnic, which that particular week had just received a record-breaking investment of EUR 100 million for a European start-up.

“When will we be getting something like that in Munich too?“ pondered a good-humoured Philipp Hausser, from publisher C.H. Beck. The Senior Project Manager was shining a light on the delivery service of the supermarket, founded in 2015, which is currently leaving its mark on the sector in Germany’s neighbouring country.

The success story that is Picnic – crowned the most innovative company in the Netherlands in 2017 – was one of the highlights of this morning event for him too. Providing first-hand visual instruction to guests was CTO Daniel Gebler. Introducing Picnic’s successful business model was one part of his presentation, while the relevance of customer data for acquisition, customer satisfaction and personalisation formed another. Wide eyes, receptive body language and many follow-up questions characterised this session, lasting around 30 minutes, across which Gebler provided various different insights. Towards the end of his presentation, Gebler summed up the essence of the subject matter: “Everyone talks about ‘Big Data’, but what is really important is not collecting all of the information via my customers, but rather analysing the right data.“ For more on Daniel Gebler and the Picnic success story, click the link to the detailed interview with him below.

“An exciting business model, without doubt,“ declared Andrea Wohlmuth from KARE Design. Philipp Hausser himself appreciated the presentation not only as a supermarket user, but also as a project manager, “because it’s a very elegant model, not only in terms of the overall execution process, but also from a technical point of view, with all the underlying data-driven things; in that sense, I’m certain that many companies are still merely scratching the surface in terms of what is possible for them.“

According to Philipp Hausser, the organiser not only managed to create an event featuring notable speakers, “but also an event with a top-notch line-up of guests from notable companies“. “Ultimately, participants are looking for discussion with colleagues, with new contacts and to gain valuable insight into topics that are relevant to them day-to-day. Offering them these opportunities in one location is a cause close to our hearts. In a nutshell, top speakers, information and inspiration in a pleasant atmosphere,“ said Jens Plattfaut, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Munich.

“Mission accomplished! It was definitely worth taking part.“ Those were the summative words of Stefan Sauer, DePauli. “Picnic was an interesting example of what you can achieve with an online supermarket. On the other hand, mydays was a more tangible example for us at DePauli and allowed us to compare ourselves with other companies and see what we are doing right, what other companies are doing and what models they use to achieve success.“

Anja Pfenning from mydays showed guests how to personalise CRM campaigns to appeal to customers.

Anja Pfenning, Head of Online Marketing & eCommerce at mydays, presented the mydays business model to the captivated guests, who enjoyed her varied and informative presentation. Anja, in her own words, said: “It was essentially a case of me demonstrating how we found a way to launch a successful 360° campaign from an isolated printed mailshot, with embedding in all online channels.“

“All of these practice-based examples add a lot of value for us, as do the exchanges with colleagues in the same profession,“ said Dany Jaeger, Online Marketing Manager at textile mail-order house Buttinette, a customer of foryouandyourcustomers. “I’ve gained a lot of input from here and will be discussing some of it later with my in-house colleagues. It’s the variety offered by the event that makes it so invaluable: networking, practice-based examples and also a theoretical part, providing an important basis.“ The theoretical framework complementing the practical presentations was provided by Hans Albrecht Bartels from foryouandyourcustomers at the 24th Business Breakfast.

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