All about connecting: foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam celebrates a new office full of new possibilities

All about connecting: for you and your cus to mers Amsterdam celebrates a new office full of new possibilities

In the digital world, it’s all about connection. And that includes connecting with each other, with clients and with partners. That’s why the for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Amsterdam cell has said farewell to their cosy canal house on the Keizersgracht, and opened a brand-new office in Amsterdam North. And a move like this deserved to be celebrated in style.

The Amsterdam team saw the move as a needed step to get closer to each other, and closer to clients. The previous office, which was split between two floors, could sometimes disrupt the flow of collaboration in the office. And the small space didn’t allow for large group meetings or workshops. The new office does both. The single space, with its open floor plan, brings the entire Amsterdam team together in one room, which makes working together a breeze. Floor-to-ceiling windows and high ceiling mean the space is filled with sunlight. But perhaps most importantly, the office and its four glass-enclosed meeting rooms are large enough to accommodate whole teams and visiting clients. “Last week, we held a workshop with clients, and were able to accommodate 14 visitors. That just wasn’t possible in the old office,” says Kevin Krifter, Senior Multichannel Consultant. “Also, I love taking the ferry to work every morning. It’s a great way to start the day.”

The place to be

It’s also no mistake that the office is easily accessible by car and public transport. This makes it easier to invite clients and partners to enjoy the new space, or for the team to visit clients elsewhere. That’s why so many guests came to celebrate the “housewarming” on 23 January. With drinks, delicious food and a DJ, the foryouandyourcustomers team welcomed neighbours, friends, clients and partners to celebrate the move and continue connecting. Walter Hottinga, CEO Amsterdam, kicked off the event with opening comments, and took a moment to acknowledge each member of the Amsterdam team. Including partners who help the team function. “We’re very happy to welcome the painters who helped us get the office ready, and the team that makes our Annual Report,’ he said. ‘Because each one of our relationships helps make this company what it is.”

Blasts from the past

Several special guests made it clear that, once you’re part of foryouandyourcustomers, you’re part of it for life. Nearly every founding member of the Amsterdam office was in attendance, even if they’d left the company years ago. Former Amsterdam colleagues came from far and wide to celebrate this new chapter in the team’s life, and colleagues visiting from Switzerland and Bulgaria proved that the team connection goes far beyond borders.

The energetic and friendly vibe only increased as former colleagues reunited with hugs and laughter, and new connections were made with neighbours and clients. It was easy to see that the move was a great success, and would help foryouandyourcustomers create connections that matter most. Emmanuel Adetutu, Back-End Software Developer, was glad to be part of it all. ”I only started at the company six months ago,” he says. “But I’m very happy with the move. It’s much easier to work together in the new office, and it’s great to work so closely with my colleagues.”

New beginnings and food for thought

After the guests had enjoyed some food and wine, but before the party got into full swing, Stephan Mueller, Group CEO, added more reason to celebrate. He announced that foryouandyourcustomers will open a 15th cell in St Pölten, Austria on 1 February. “The Vienna office has grown so much, that a third office in Austria is needed, and we’re very pleased with their success there,” he said.

In a brief impulse presentation, Stephan walked guests through the important points of connection that foryouandyourcustomers help clients make with their customers. In addition to the customer experience, which Stephan called the “sundeck” of customer interaction, he encouraged clients to also consider the ‘machine room’ of customer interaction: Digital Information. “With many different types of data to manage, a Digital Information Supply Chain (DISC) is an essential component of business in 2020,” he said. “It must become a core competence.” DISC is of such importance, the teams in Munich and Zurich have already built resources around it.

Let the good times roll

After Stephan’s presentation, it was time to turn up the music, grab a drink and some food, and party the night away. One neighbour from another floor in the new building commented: “We’re already very happy with our new neighbours. You guys really know how to throw a good party!”

But most importantly, when the celebrating is over, the Amsterdam team will be fully prepared to work closely together, connect more directly with clients, and deliver solutions that make a difference. After all, that’s what we’re all about.


Stephan Mueller


Stephan (20+ years, leading in the digital domain) is now in charge of foryouandyourcustomers. He works with several international customers on an executive level as a trailblazer and expert in the digital information supply chain.

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