An important step toward the future: foryouandyourcustomers implements the STEP MDM platform at CLAAS

An important step toward the future: foryouandyourcustomers implements the STEP MDM platform at CLAAS

CLAAS, the international technology leader in harvesting machinery with an annual turnover of just under 3.6 billion euros (as of 2016) uses the STEP MDM platform from Stibo Systems in its PIM implementation and relies on the knowledge and expertise of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers for this. For the company, the introduction of the new system is a forward-thinking step that represents the strengthening of its competitive capability internationally and the advancement of the digital change at CLAAS.

“Until now CLAAS has had to manually enter, organise and produce its wide range of configurable products with just as many technical features and options in up to 20 languages across a huge variety of media channels for an increasing number of countries,” explains Stephan Mueller, project manager from foryouandyourcustomers. “It’s an error-prone process that takes an enormous amount of time and money, which can now be done in one initial step,” continues the PIM/MDM expert. “In opting for the STEP multi-domain platform by Stibo Systems, CLAAS has chosen the best possible solution for not only making this process much easier, but also enjoying countless other benefits in the long term by centralising product data and developing appropriate workflows. Benefits like improving the quality of product data and media assets, having high flexibility and secure production of marketing information and directly integrating and updating information in the output channels. For CLAAS, the introduction of the PIM solution is the first step toward implementing the planned multi-domain platform.”

Nicole Deppe, project manager in Marketing Processes & Systems at CLAAS, sees it as a forward-thinking step for the whole company: “Implementing a PIM system creates a framework in the future as well for providing customers, dealers, sales organisations and employees with all of the digital product information in the right format at the right place at any time.”

After an intensive preparation phase including data modelling, the project is currently being implemented in an agile approach by CLAAS in collaboration with foryouandyourcustomers.

“We are excited to meet a very open-minded, motivated team at CLAAS. Introducing the MDM platform builds the foundation for a sustainable, successful multichannel programme and is a great opportunity for our experienced experts,” Axel Helbig, Managing Director at foryouandyourcustomers Düsseldorf, says of the collaboration with the leading international harvesting machinery enterprise.