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Challenging the “Do not touch” sign - an interview about the "Tchotchke" exhibition

13 February 2024, 01:35 pm

Offizielle Einweihung, erstes Event und Vernissage von Skafte Kuhn bei foryouandyourcustomers Heidelberg

15 December 2023, 07:39 am

Putting users first: Swiss Volley partners with foryouandyourcustomers to redesign its website

22 November 2023, 07:00 am

In the beginning was the Word: Ruth Maria Obrist presents "Microcosm"

21 November 2023, 01:20 pm

The 76th Business Breakfast at foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam explained how companies can create unprecedented agility

14 November 2023, 06:00 am

Eine herzliche Einladung zum Art Dialogue am 23. November 2023 am Standort von foryouandyourcustomers in München mit Kunst von Julia Burek .

25 October 2023, 08:58 am

Informationskartografie, für gemeinsames Verständnis und Orientierung im digitalen Wandel

23 October 2023, 03:21 pm

A common language in the enterprise: Stefan Berner and Christian Bühlmann talk about information cartography and their book - Part 2 of 2

23 October 2023, 02:15 pm

A common language in the company: Stefan Berner and Christian Bühlmann talk about information cartography and their book – Part 1 of 2

23 October 2023, 02:15 pm

SFS Group Schweiz AG mit neuem PIM-System als Basis für ein Online-Business auf nächstem Level

16 October 2023, 06:54 pm

Efficient product data logistics in B2B: strategies for manufacturers

15 September 2023, 11:33 am

Finding the perfect search: How to choose a custom-fit e-commerce search for your business.

3 August 2023, 04:27 am

"The Road Experience"

2 August 2023, 01:23 pm

With eCharge+app further development foryouandyourcustomers proved its UX competence

25 July 2023, 12:27 pm

Die 43. Ausstellung von foryouandyourcustomers an unserem Standort St. Pölten

25 July 2023, 11:51 am

The new buttinette mobile app always at hand – a unique customer experience

24 July 2023, 01:29 pm

foryouandyourcustomers goes to SoCraTes 2023!

19 July 2023, 11:49 am

9. Konferenz Integrales Management zum Thema Integrale Zukunftsplanung

19 July 2023, 10:57 am

Relaunch des Online Produktkatalogs von Geberit – viel mehr als nur ein Redesign

19 July 2023, 07:34 am

Boosting e-commerce search with artificial intelligence: how foryouandyourcustomers and searchHub are working together.

14 July 2023, 08:29 am

Data Excellence for breakfast: Dusseldorf welcomed customers and experts to an exchange on data governance

12 July 2023, 08:21 am

Is your company ready to work with data?

11 July 2023, 12:30 pm

In Düsseldorf hat das Team von foryouandyourcustomers neuen Raum zum Arbeiten und sich Begegnen geschaffen

4 July 2023, 07:24 pm

Testing: Unabdingbar für erfolgreiche Softwareprojekte

4 July 2023, 12:09 pm

Vernissage zur 67. Ausstellung bei foryouandyourcustomers präsentiert „Straight“ von Christoph Gesing

3 July 2023, 09:46 pm

73. Business Breakfast: Künstliche Intelligenz in Übersetzungsprozessen – worauf kommt es an?

3 July 2023, 01:35 pm

The 64th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers in Baar, presents works by the artist Fraenzi Neuhaus .

3 July 2023, 01:25 pm

Mit der Kunst in einen Dialog gehen: Die 66. Ausstellung bei foryouandyourcustomers

27 June 2023, 11:57 am

foryouandyourcustomers goes to Agile Crete 2022

26 June 2023, 12:08 pm

Confirmed by TÜV Austria, you and your customers are at foryouandyourcustomers also in good hands civilly

16 June 2023, 12:28 pm

Celebrating foryouandyourcustomers Athens 1st Birthday!

9 June 2023, 03:04 pm

Interview with Jonathan Möller at foryouandyourcustomers Athens

7 June 2023, 08:24 pm

Supercharging project development: The remarkable impact of a Design Sprint 2/3

7 June 2023, 12:58 pm

How the desire for a new website initiated a profound digitalisation process 1/3

7 June 2023, 12:57 pm

How Komax's digitalisation led to the establishment of its own "Digital Factory" 3/3

7 June 2023, 12:57 pm

Breaking barriers: Conducting usability tests with visually impaired people to uncover accessibility problems

6 June 2023, 08:33 am

Sculpting Light and Shadow – An Interview with Marta Djourina and Viktoria Draganova

2 June 2023, 11:27 am

Die 65. Ausstellung von foryouandyourcustomers zeigt Werke von Mariano Fernández in Stuttgart

2 June 2023, 11:26 am

Die 62. Ausstellung bei foryouandyourcustomers zeigt Werke der Münchner Künstlerin Julia Burek

2 June 2023, 11:26 am

“Ideally, sparks will fly.“ Norbert Pümpel is currently exhibiting in Feldkirch

30 May 2023, 10:02 am

"The origin of light“: Ulrich Plieschnig invites us to explore the origin of light

30 May 2023, 08:24 am

How we achieve a shared understanding in technical diagrams

30 May 2023, 08:00 am

World premiere: Guillaume Bruère made a sculpture live in front of people at foryouandyourcustomers in Munich

30 May 2023, 07:27 am

IIID-Award-Preisträgerin Michaela Lautenschlager präsentiert Auszug ihrer Arbeiten in Regensburg

26 May 2023, 09:37 am

Vernissage und Buchpräsentation: foryouandyourcustomers feiert am Standort Wien

26 May 2023, 09:25 am

Vernissage mit Live-Performance zur 56. Ausstellung von Katja Pudor​

26 May 2023, 09:21 am

Unter dem Titel „BENEATH“ wurde die 49. Ausstellung von foryouandyourcustomers eröffnet

26 May 2023, 09:07 am

How the new Sofia office of foryouandyourcustomers became an atelier and a gallery

25 May 2023, 02:18 pm

Ruth Maria Obrist: Die Meisterin der Materialität stellt in Uster aus

24 May 2023, 01:04 pm

Work Design in Amsterdam: How employees shape their hybrid workplace culture

22 May 2023, 12:37 pm

Accessibility is an integral part of digital products and services.

17 May 2023, 12:44 pm

72nd Business Breakfast in Baar: Using data successfully

15 May 2023, 04:33 pm

A practical case: How to enable your ecommerce platform to serve multiple brand stores

11 May 2023, 10:11 am

The shop for farmers: A joint development of RI-Solution Data GmbH and foryouandyourcustomers

4 May 2023, 07:24 am

The new buttinette mobile app always at hand - a unique customer experience

27 April 2023, 09:04 am

Book Paid Work and the Meaning of Life

27 March 2023, 04:21 pm

“Had we had the information modelling technique when we started, we could have saved a lot of time”

24 March 2023, 01:25 pm

The Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) relies on the strategic, specialist and technical expertise of foryouandyourcustomers

24 March 2023, 01:23 pm

Through ChannelOPERA to attractive shopping experiences

24 March 2023, 01:21 pm

Business Breakfast in München: Ihre Daten – Ihr Kapital. Wie auch Sie Ihre Daten erfolgreich nutzen

24 March 2023, 10:06 am

In Regensburg stehen wir an neuem Standort für PIM Expertise für Kunden in ganz Ostbayern

24 March 2023, 10:02 am

The market perspective in the Exploded View: getting an overview of the interplay between customers and providers

24 March 2023, 07:54 am

The employee perspective in the Exploded View: understanding the employee and their experience

24 March 2023, 07:53 am

The company perspective in the Exploded View: getting a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the company

24 March 2023, 07:52 am

The customer perspective in the Exploded View: understanding the customer and their experience

24 March 2023, 07:49 am

Celebrating a decade of learning and development: 10 years foryouandyourcustomers in Amsterdam

23 March 2023, 06:25 pm

The foryouandyourcustomers information model as a basis for customer orientation and success

23 March 2023, 02:51 pm

Beim Business Breakfast in Baar erfuhren Sie, wie Sie den Nutzen Ihrer Daten optimieren können

23 March 2023, 02:30 pm

The Exploded View as a reference framework for successful CRM

23 March 2023, 02:10 pm

New Swisspeers website: now flexibly adaptable thanks to its modular design

23 March 2023, 01:43 pm

We are pleased to welcome you to our new office in the heart of Munich

23 March 2023, 10:48 am

Packaging manufacturer Constantia Flexibles has relied on foryouandyourcustomers for six years

22 March 2023, 12:43 pm

The companies RWA Raiffeisen Ware Austria and the Lagerhäuser trust in foryouandyourcustomers' expertise for the digitalisation of their products

16 March 2023, 08:10 pm

A PIM system as the basis for an integrated customer experience. How Leister is shaping the digital future

16 March 2023, 06:57 pm

Haberkorn takes carefully considered action, including with foryouandyourcustomers

16 March 2023, 06:39 pm

“First time right“ 64th Business Breakfast as digital event

14 March 2023, 07:22 pm

Webinar: Drei Beispiele zeigen, wie der digitale Wandel mit der Exploded View besser gemeistert wird

14 March 2023, 07:07 pm

Fissler’s international business is critically supported by the Exploded View

13 March 2023, 06:13 pm

Further development of project work with Bosch Rexroth by doing Open Space workshops

13 March 2023, 01:11 pm

Zellteilung in Stuttgart: Willkommen bei for you and your cus to mers in Heidelberg

13 March 2023, 10:49 am

Understanding interrelationships and keeping an eye on the bigger picture: The Exploded View in use in three sectors

9 March 2023, 09:02 am

Das erste Kamingespräch bei foryouandyourcustomers in München mit Robert Josef Stadler

9 March 2023, 08:51 am

ChannelCARDS for your Multichannel Business

23 February 2023, 04:27 pm

Recognisable and ever-evolving: for you and your cus to mers has a new office in the heart of Sofia

23 February 2023, 04:13 pm

How the Exploded View model helps you optimise your system landscape

20 February 2023, 05:45 pm

Close the gap between strategy and execution — combining the Exploded View and Impact Mapping

20 February 2023, 05:12 pm

”Thinking of a Different Tomorrow with OKR”: Reflections on the 69th Business Breakfast

16 February 2023, 07:47 pm

Dutch retailer HEMA evaluated its future customer experience platform with the Exploded View

16 February 2023, 07:34 pm

Whitepaper information modelling: a fundamental tool for leaders in the digital change

16 February 2023, 07:01 pm

The Exploded View, for a better overview of digitalisation

10 February 2023, 02:55 pm