Packaging manufacturer Constantia Flexibles has relied on foryouandyourcustomers for six years

2018-03-22 Manuel Hanel
A screenshot of the new Constantia plattform

Logo Constantia Flexibles

Constantia Flexibles is a group of companies whose roots are from Constantia Teich, founded in 1912 in Weinburg, Austria.

Constantia Flexibles is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexible packaging. Around 7,200 employees produce packaging solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries at 32 locations in 18 countries. To ensure good internal communication, foryouandyourcustomers designed and implemented an intranet solution for Constantia Flexibles in 2012. The relationship has continued since then and continues to bring about new opportunities, such as the mobile version of the intranet.

Constantia Flexibles has been a customer of foryouandyourcustomers in Vienna since 2012. This long-standing relationship started with the design of the intranet and its implementation within two months. Using the “Confluence” wiki solution from Australian company Atlassian, a platform was created that simplified and encouraged cross-location communication at Constantia. Even the CEO Alexander Baumgartner has started using the “Flexnet” to send a monthly message to all of the company’s employees. The users at Constantia Flexibles were involved in the decision to call the intranet the “Flexnet”.

Daniel Smith, Head of Group Communications at Constantia Flexibles, decided to overhaul the design in 2016 to make it more modern and give it an even clearer structure. Claus Stachl , CEO and Senior UX Designer at foryouandyourcustomers Feldkirch, took on the task and impressed the decision-makers with a simple, well-structured and very modern looking design, which was ultimately implemented by foryouandyourcustomers Vienna.

“The team at foryouandyourcustomers Vienna had already given us a clean intranet design in 2012 and implemented it in no time. The feedback on the new design was also very positive. Now we’re looking forward to the mobile version, which will go online in a few weeks. The smooth operation of internal communications, the further developments and the partnership with foryouandyourcustomers has been very good over the years.”

Daniel Smith – Head of group communications, Constantia Flexibles Group

Employees want to stay up to date when they’re on the go

Sophie Buchinger has been involved in the project from the start. Responsible for internal communications, she maintains the Flexnet and the employee newsletter in her company. There are always new ideas and features on the intranet thanks to the corporate communications specialist. She also sees the queries of every user. Her contact at foryouandyourcustomers is Manuel Hanel, a consultant and executive officer at the Vienna location, who handles incoming queries from Constantia and passes them on to the developer team. He has been looking after the company for about five years and implements sophisticated solutions that ensure smooth internal communications. The mobile version is currently being overhauled for Constantia in order to make using the intranet easier for employees when they are not in the office. The new Flexnet Mobile will go online in April 2018.

New developments and features will constantly be released even in future for the desktop and mobile versions, so that communication among the employees of Europe’s second largest packaging manufacturer can continue to be smooth and well organised.

“From day one of our intranet project, foryouandyourcustomers has been by our side. As a person who is not very tech-savvy, I especially appreciate the professional and sympathetic support from Manual Hanel and his team, who help us with the system on a day-to-day basis, are always pointing out new possibilities and respond quickly in emergencies. Thanks to their creative ideas, the new design of the desktop and mobile version will really impress our employees and that will increase use. We are very happy with the partnership and will continue to rely on foryouandyourcustomers.”

Sophie Buchinger – Group communications specialist, Constantia Flexibles Group