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The Exploded View as a reference framework for successful CRM

2020-01-29 Hans Albrecht Bartels
The Exploded View is displayed on the left and right of the image and in the center the company performance goes through a continuous cycle.

Companies are advised to continuously adapt customer oriented services and the associated organisational structures, processes, systems and data to market requirements on an ever accelerated basis. The type and number of interaction points with customers have risen dramatically because innovative omnichannel approaches are creating increasingly new integrated and personalised customer experiences.

The traditional supply chain is complemented today by a high-performance digital supply chain that links customers and companies in an ever closer and also more transparent relationship and conveys customer needs to companies for implementation almost in real time. The resulting intensification of the customer relationship poses great challenges to numerous companies because it is almost no longer possible to implement customer-oriented functionality in isolated fashion without considering and adapting the internal structures and processes necessary for this.
With its Exploded View model approach, foryouandyourcustomers presents a reference framework for optimised corporate analysis. The approach allows for holistic observation and thus creates the required conditions for successful implementation of even complex CRM projects. The basics of this approach are described in an article that you can download via the following links.

You can download the article in “Using the Exploded View as a reference model to improve CRM projects and related measures” in full length as a PDF file. In addition you can also download the free whitepaper “Exploded View” as a PDF.