In the heart of Amsterdam, right at the canals, foryouandyourcustomers improves customer experiences with passion, expertise and craftsmanship.

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Digital Business Consulting

In a digital organisation comprising numerous individual components, it is easy to lose sight of the overall picture. However, with us at your side, this doesn't have to be the case. We help organisations in developing and enhancing their products and services by employing a holistic mindset to analyse and advise them. Our Exploded View methodology allows us to illustrate the connections between customers, touchpoints, organisation, processes, systems and data, regardless of the complexity involved.

Business Development / Data Governance / Process Optimization / Digital Strategy / Change Management / Software Evaluation / Management Consulting / Service Design / Experience Consulting / Master Data Management / Omni-channel Strategy

Service Design & Research

Design is so much more than just a beautiful surface – it ensures your business offers your customers the right thing in the right way. It shapes your business and interactions with your customers. Our approach combines craft and creativity in the conception, research, and design of both small and large-scale products and services. We undertake this responsibility with awareness of our impact on shaping the collective future of people, businesses, and society.

Service & Experience Design / UX/UI Design / Design Systems / DesignOps / Information Architecture / Customer Experience & Journeys / Design Thinking & Strategy / Design for Responsibility / Trainings / Qualitative & Quantitative Research / Prototyping & Workshop Facilitation

Software Implementation

Excellent software engineering creates future-proof technical architectures, enabling your business to stay in tune with your customers. We build products, systems, and platforms that are scalable and adaptable, empowering our clients to incorporate new features and continuously enhance the user experience.

Frontend & Backend Development / Cloud Solutions & System Architecture / Content Management & SEO / System Integration & Testing / Serverless & Headless / Scrum & DevOps / Prototyping / POC / & MVP

Master Data Management

By adopting a single master record for each person, address or item in your organisation, you can eliminate duplicates, decrease data errors and obtain a comprehensive overview of business-critical data. We develop a consistent and dependable data source for your organisation. Our multi-domain MDM and PIM solutions empower you to control and distribute your data throughout your company.

Data migration / Data modelling / Project management / Single point of truth / Data integration / Supplier/customer data management / Product data workflows / Multi-domain MDM


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Meet our team in Amsterdam.

A man in a black shirt leaning against a window
Alexandru-Paul Dumitru
Software Developer
Develops custom back-end solutions and integrations with 3rd party services in order to support a well-running overall system.
A smiling person with short hair, dressed with a dark coat and a red scarf.
Annegret Bönemann
Turns your organisational vision and values into reality by designing outstanding experiences for both your customers and employees.
Diego Martínez - Software Developer
Diego Martínez
Software Developer
Helps customers building the best front-end solution that end users can easily interact with.
Profile picture of Edwin against blurred background.
Edwin Spaan
Team Lead Software Development
Translates business requirements into technical solutions that will last since they are based on sturdy data and information models.
Man with dark hair, in white shirt on a balcony with a view over a city.
Felipe Cruz
Software Developer
Builds user interfaces and web applications, ensuring business goals are met while respecting all users' well-being.
Joeri leaning against a wall in the sun
Joeri Moors
Business Development Director
Develops business, driving intelligent and digital transformation to achieve digital excellence.
Jonathan Möller in a gray suit, smiling in front of a gray wall
Jonathan Möller
Founder & President
Assists leaders in the further development of their businesses.
Lisandra walking her bike among trees
Lisandra Peña Chaviano
Software Developer
Develops seamless, interactive front-end interfaces for web apps, delivering a high-performance user experience that meets customer needs.
Marco Torrente in an office setting.
Marco Torrente
Service Designer
Supports clients in the development of user-centred solutions by identifying needs, prototyping and tailored workshops.
Valerie is standing in a library, full of books in wooden shelves n a balcony.
Valerie Blanco
Multichannel Business Consultant
Helps clients turn requirements into reality through IT-business alignment and concrete plans serving the end customers.

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