Excellence Game (EXG)

Excellence Game (EXG)

The Excellence Game by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers offers participants an engaging, informative, and challenging learning experience that helps them to develop their skills, knowledge, and abilities individually and collectively – and to support organisational excellence.


In this excellence training game, participants expand their skills and encourage themselves to think in new and creative ways, solve problems and challenge their assumptions and beliefs. In a very short introduction with mainly questions to the participants, some basics about (operational) excellence are given.

Then the game starts with a simple structure and clear rules and ends after 3 to 4 rounds. The conclusion, besides a final integral learning check, is observation and reflection in the group as well as possible individual integration and linking with existing knowledge.


The participants:

  • Experience themselves and the collective in an unfamiliar simulation.
  • Feel how difficult it is to sell in a competitive market.
  • Experience how strongly multiplications (routine) affect the required working time (costs).
  • Experience what it means to increase quality and to have to offer the products/service competitively.
  • Experience different forms of cooperation.
  • Possibly develop as a team and break a sweat and have fun.

Target group

Team development for managers, project leaders, self-organised teams in both industry and the service sector.



4 hours on-site with a minimum 8 and maximum 14 participants.


English, German, Spanish

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