Designing impactful presentations (STP)

Designing impactful presentations (STP)

In the training Designing impactful presentations by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers, you will learn to communicate your topics in a meaningful and memorable way. You’ll go beyond presenting facts and figures to craft impactful presentations that balance your own goals with the needs of your audience. Learn to skilfully structure your content and apply basic design principles to provide your audience a meaningful journey. 

In this hands-on training, participants will learn simple yet effective techniques to make their presentations successful. They will get to know the basics of storytelling, learn to extract a key message, understand their audience, and create clearly structured presentations with thoughtful visuals.

This training is about aligning one’s own goals with the needs of the audience through both compelling narrative and focused slides. It is less about oral storytelling or rhetoric and performance skills.


  • Introduction to the topic, storytelling basics
  • Gaining clarity about key message and target audience
  • Methodologies to structure your narrative with clever dramaturgy
  • Recognising problems in the design of slides
  • Understanding how to attract and hold the attention of an audience
  • Get to know and apply practical design principles to set focus
  • Put into practice what was learned with an own use case
  • Receiving feedback on own work
  • Providing constructive feedback to peers



  • can convey a key message to a specific target group
  • can structure their narrative and know the basics of storytelling
  • know how to identify the key message of complex content and present it in a comprehensible way
  • know and can apply basic design principles to create visually appealing and clearly understandable slides
  • can provide constructive feedback on structure and design of their peers’ presentations

Target group

Anyone who regularly needs to prepare and deliver presentations for internal or external target groups. For example subject matter experts, consultants, executives, or (project) managers.



Virtual classroom training with short theory inputs, practical exercises, work in small groups, independent work on own practical examples between the modules, peer-to-peer feedback and coaching by the trainers.

Total time 2-4 weeks, 3 virtual modules (2h, 4h and 2h) and practical tasks before and between the modules. The total time required is approximately 12 hours per participant. Please plan 1-2 hours between the modules for practical tasks.


English, German

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