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Digital Information Supply Chain

Met onze beproefde toolbox ondersteunen en begeleiden we u op uw reis naar digitalisering.

Digital Maturity Assessment

Met de methode "Digital Maturity Assessment" evalueren we de volwassenheid van uw bedrijf met betrekking tot de digitale informatie voorzieningsketen. Het resultaat toont de huidige status op zes dimensies/niveaus: strategie & cultuur, kanalen, organisatie, processen, systemen en gegevens. De methode helpt u de gebieden te identificeren waar uw bedrijf moet verbeteren.

strategie & cultuur / activa laag / proces / prestatie laag / organisatie / kanalen / data laag / systemen / organisatie laag / data / klant laag / ervaringslaag

Informatie modellering

Informatiemodellering biedt een systeem overschrijdende modellering van de bedrijfsobjecten van uw bedrijf. De beschrijving en representatie is begrijpelijk voor IT-leken. Het informatiemodel dient als basis voor heldere communicatie tussen management en afdelingen enerzijds en IT-leveranciers en ontwikkelaars anderzijds. Wij ondersteunen u bij het modelleren van de informatie van uw bedrijf.

informatiemodel / entiteiten / objecten / datamodel / relaties / informatie cartografie / information data mapping / training / master data governance

Use-case diagram

Met het use-case diagram maken we verbanden zichtbaar en identificeren we het potentieel voor verbetering. Met de vraag "Wie doet wat in welk systeem?" creëer je duidelijkheid over interacties, afhankelijkheden en (systeem)grenzen.

rollen & systemen / relatie / actie / overzicht

Systeem landschap

We visualiseren de interactie van de systemen voor uw digitale informatie voorzieningsketen met het systeemlandschap, waarbij we onderscheid maken tussen onboarding, creatie/onderhoud, consolidatie en distributie van de componenten.

architectuur / data logistiek centrum / data factory / end-to-end gegevensstroom / persistentie laag / digital twin / product evolutie proces

Process Mapping

Met de proceskaart definiëren we je processen en hun volledige beschrijving, inclusief verantwoordelijkheden. Het ondersteunt u bij het opzetten van een continu verbeterproces.

verantwoordelijkheden / solution configuratie / data & proces governance / proces / platform ontwikkeling / platformbeheer


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Deze service wordt mogelijk gemaakt door onze teams in:

Antonios Vythoulkas standing in an office with slightly blurred background.
In the foreground an orange sculpture. In the background a person at work.
Three people sitting on comfy chairs in an office environment, surrounded by plants
Studwork in the Düsseldorf Office
Werner Spengler and Andreas Gutheil siting behind their workdesk in their office with light walls with windows.
Bright office hall in Heidelberg old town with wooden floor.
Corridor of the office in Munich, with an arts piece on the left wall and a woman crossing from room to room
Three people discussing, standing around a large screen in an office setting
Managing director Andreas Drexhage talking with two colleagues. They are standing around a bar table in an office.


Onze experts

Man in dark blue suit leans against a wall and smiles at the camera
Andreas Drexhage
CEO Stuttgart and Senior Consultant
Leads the Stuttgart cell and shares over 25 years of experience in the field of PIM and MDM with customers as a principal consultant.
Andreas leaning against the side of a barn.
Andreas Manios
Senior Software Engineer
Develops software, following his mantra of agile processes, teamwork and being technologically up to date.
Standing at the desk
Antonios Vythoulkas
GM Athens, PIM/MDM Consultant
Runs and develops the Athens cell and supports customers in the field of PIM/MDM with data/requirement analysis and STEP consultancy.
Arne Kupfer in a blue polo shirt, outside on a staircase of an office building.
Arne Kupfer
Solution Consultant PIM/MDM
Supports customers in designing forward-looking PIM/MDM solutions and integrating them.
Axel Helbig CEO foryouandyourcustomers Essen
Axel Helbig
CEO Essen
Gives orientation in digital change as well as for you and your customers.
Brigitte standing with her arms crossed.
Brigitte Fischer
Business Consultant
Supports our customers in PIM implementations with solutions to their business needs.
Carl Simbruner in a blue shirt and formal trousers is standing in a park with a white stone gazebo behind him.
Carl Simbruner
IT Business Consultant
Consults along the digital information supply chain and consequently is a true bridge builder between the digital and business worlds.
Christian in a green pullover, working on a laptop, smiling in the camera
Christian Bühlmann
Information cartographer
Establishes information cartography within companies and supports them in their digital change.
Portrait Christian Fischl in a business suit
Christian Fischl
CEO & PIM/MDM-Consultant
Accompanies his customers through the fundamental digital change in his role as PIM/MDM consultant.
Man in dark suit in front of city panorama
Christian Leeger
Senior Project Manager & Consultant
Leads projects in the area of PIM/MDM and supports companies designing and implementing their data processes.
Man with glasses and beard, smiling, in a blue suit
Christian Schmidt
Consultant Digital Information Supply Chain / MDM
Leads MDM implementation projects and supports companies in designing and implementing their data management processes.
Damian smiles and holds a camera in his hands.
Damian Deßler
Senior Business Consultant
Guides clients on their digitalisation path with extensive experience and structures challenges in a surprisingly simple way.
A man sits on a pier and looks into the distance.
Daniel Stadelmann
Senior Project Manager
Brings relevant people together and provides guidance on the journey of digitalisation.
Elmar E. Grandel is standing in an entrance framed by carved wooden door.
Elmar E. Grandel
Senior Business Consultant
Advises and supports you in the development of your Data Strategy, Data Governance and the topics around Master Data Management and Analytics.
Florian in a dark suit jacket smiles at the camera against a blurred background.
Florian Knaupp
Managing Director Munich
Accompanies his customers into a sustainable, data-driven future in the context of digital transformation, along the digital supply chain.
Igor Saalfeld
Igor Saalfeld
Application Consultant
Supports and advises customers on master data topics and its associated systems to achieve their business goals.
Ildar Allayarov Profilbild vor Wasserfall
Ildar Allayarov
Senior Data Engineer
Empowers companies to leverage the data they possess by extracting valuable insights, thereby unlocking fresh opportunities for their businesses.
Jan Sandau
Jan Sandau
Application Consultant
Consults, designs and develops future-proof digital solutions with a focus on PIM/MDM.
At the desk
Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold
CEO & Senior Project Manager (Baar & Athens)
Manages Baar- & Athens and supports customers in PIM/MDM implementations with business consulting in the context of digital strategy.
Jens leaning against a wall
Jens Erler
Senior Business Consultant
Consults customers on their digitalisation initiatives and master data strategy and develops the cell Heidelberg.
Jens Plattfaut on a stone bridge with dark green trees in the background.
Jens Plattfaut
Managing Director Munich
Consults customers on digital change and develops the cell in Munich.
Kevin in a suit, leaning against a door and smiling
Kevin Kramp
Senior Business Consultant
Supports clients in the development and implementation of their master data strategy.
Lars leaning against the edge of a large table
Lars Brochhagen
Application Consultant
Supports you in evaluating, developing and implementing user-friendly solutions to optimise the data quality of your company.
Leonie Lorenz
Business Consultant
Creates value-adding solutions together with her customers, covering all aspects of the digital information supply chain.
Marcel and his old Volvo
Marcel Rossi
Experienced advisor and doer
Accompanies you in improving your business processes and develops surprisingly simple IT solutions for you and your customers.
Martin standing by a concrete pillar
Martin Brandt
CEO Heidelberg & Senior Business Consultant
Develops the Heidelberg cell and supports leading enterprises on their master data strategy along the Digital Information Supply Chain.
Martin standing with a laptop in his hand
Martin Hermann
Solution Architect PIM/MDM
Designs and implements sustainable PIM/MDM solutions that fit optimally into your system landscape and support your processes.
Michael Heid near the Stuttgart office.
Michael Heid
Senior MDM Business Consultant
Leads MDM implementations with a strong consulting background and over 25 years of experience in PIM and MDM projects.
Jovanovic sitting behind their laptop
Nicolas Jovanovic
PIM/MDM Project Manager & Business Consultant
Supports projects in and around PIM/MDM and data management.
Nicole standing with arms crossed
Nicole Beller
Application Consultant
Develops user-friendly solutions to optimize the data quality for your multichannel business.
Profile photo of René Hungerbühler.
René Hungerbühler
DevOps Engineer
Designs, builds and maintains secure, highly available and scalable cloud infrastructures for cloud-based applications and services.
A man in a white shirt stands in front of a stone wall.
Reto Stebler
Senior Solution Architect
Designs comprehensible technical approaches from challenging requirements that lead to intelligent and robust solutions.
Man in suit leaning on a railing, the city of Bern in the background
Stefan Berner
Business Analyst & Modelling Expert
Accompanies customers on their way to a better understanding and a better use of their knowledge and information.
Stephan Mueller looking at his wife and daughter playing
Stephan Müller
Group CEO
Accompanies customers as a pioneer and expert for the Digital Information Supply Chain and supports our locations as CEO of the group.
Person sitting on concrete lodge
Stoyan Halev
Backend Developer
Manages complex software projects from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and meeting all client requirements.
Sven with arms folded
Sven Bullmann
MDM Senior Business Consultant
Helps your business master digitalisation and other challenges in today’s ever-changing world.