35th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers with works by Sonja Duó-Meyer in Zurich

35th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers with works by Sonja Duó-Meyer in Zurich


December 2020


foryouandyourcustomers Zurich, Röntgenstrasse 22, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland (Directions)

The exhibition, curated by Sali Oelhafen, can be visited until December 2020 by appointment on +41 44 311 44 77.

We are pleased to welcome you to our 35th exhibition and to present works by artist Sonja Duò-Meyer at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Zurich.

The ceramic artist Sonja Duò-Meyer from Wetzikon, Zurich, has been working with clay for over 40 years. Porcelain is her material. She uses it to create monumental vessel objects as well as tea bowls or pieces of jewellery. Reduced to the essential in her expression, her works speak a subtly sensual language. The deliberately uneven surfaces make the raw white porcelain vibrate in the light, the simple black engobed volumes shine gently. Sonja Duò-Meyer’s vessels are more than objects – they have the resonance of a body moved by breath. It is as much about the space that is encompassed as it is about the vessel itself. Wall objects also belong to this extremely focused work, which explores the possibilities of its material. Clusters of clay bulges, speech bubbles and islands – humorous reflections on life and sometimes also a reflection on the working material clay. (Text: Judith Annaheim)

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