Vernissage of the 42nd Group Exhibition: “Kontraste“ at foryouandyourcustomers Vienna

Invitation to the opening of the 42nd group exhibition “Kontraste“ in Vienna


The date of the event will be announced at a later point in time. 


foryouandyourcustomers Vienna, Köstlergasse 6-8, Door 14, 1060 Vienna, Austria (Google Maps)

The team of foryouandyourcustomers in Vienna and the artists Herbert Flois, Helene Rohrbacher, Helmut Stadlmann and Gerlinde Thuma look forward to seeing you there!

We look forward to welcoming you to the 42st exhibition of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers to present the works of the four artists Herbert Flois, Helene Rohrbacher, Helmut Stadlmann and Gerlinde Thuma at the location in Vienna. The date of the opening of the exhibition “Kontraste“ (“Contrasts“) has not yet been determined, and we will announce it at a later point in time. The introductory speech to the works will be held by art historian Silvie Aigner

The exhibition curated by Sali Oelhafen brings different artistic positions into a successful dialogue which is rich in contrasts. Gerlinde Thuma’s works focus on the two-part form as the smallest possible way of representing time sequences and variations of a formal idea. The division of the picture is a constantly recurring parameter. Gerlinde Thuma’s works, reduced to the palette of black and white, contrast with the colourful canvases of Helene Rohrbacher – pictures such as a summer landscape, in which the crown is an omnipresent motif, a reference to the mosaic of the Cathedral of San Vitale in Ravenna. The focus is on colour, which she applies in many layers – using a technique that makes her paintings glow from within. Herbert Flois’s wall objects and sculptures draw their formal inspiration both from nature and from everyday objects. The colour and the reduction of objects to their basic forms and linear structures serve to abstract them and inscribe them in the space. The combination of science and art, working with principles of order and digital parameters characterise the works of Helmut Stadlmann. The range of media in which he implements his conceptual considerations extends from graphic works to painting and ceramics. Spontaneous gestures and graphical flow meet geometry and grid structures.
(Text: Silvie Aigner)

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