33th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers: Group exhibition in Vienna

33th exhibition presented at foryouandyourcustomers: Group exhibition in Vienna


2nd October 2020


foryouandyourcustomers Vienna, Köstlergasse 6-8/14, 1060 Wien

The exhibition, “Gebilde”, can be visited until 2nd October 2020 at the Vienna location after making an appointment by telephone.

“Gebilde” is the title of the group exhibition currently on view at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Vienna. Four artists present works from different creative phases, realised in a variety of ways – painting, photography, object art. 

“The malleable body is the central reflective foil of this exhibition,” Lisa Ortner-Keil of Kunstforum Wien described the works in her introduction to the vernissage. “For her analogue black-and-white photographs, Tina Lechner wraps female models in elaborate paper sculptures, abstracting body forms and turning them into sci-fi warriors of the self. Sali Oelhafen transfers a round network-like form into paintings, metal and cardboard objects that unfold their simple magic in space. In Eduard Tauss‘ colour bodies and colour plates, painterly working material becomes a testimony to himself – cast, bent, folded and crumpled. In her meticulously executed drawings, which seem like testimonies from an unconscious, secret world, Zea Fio finally places seemingly organic coloured surfaces in the picture. In the exhibition, painting, drawing, photography and sculpture enter into a pleasurable game of puzzle. The very different works of the artists are united by the consequent reflection on a bodily structure, whose form they constantly redefine.” 48 works, distributed over 13 offices and around 300 square metres of space, can be viewed, “known” and experienced in the Vienna Office until May 2020. 

Until 2nd October 2020, the exhibition, curated by Sali Oelhafen, can be visited at the Vienna location after registration at + 43 1 8905019. 

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