In the Netherlands the team of foryouandyourcustomers is looking for a Cloud Developer

The team in the Netherlands is searching for a Cloud Developer

Become part of our global team of 204 experts also develop yourself and create innovative solutions for our customers.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and inspiring person for the position of cloud developer to join for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers in the Netherlands. With your expertise, ideas and positive attitude you will support us in creating high-performance cloud based solutions.

Our team operates in an international network of cells which are organised independently; all with their own expertise and domain. There are currently 14 cells in six countries on two continents, located in Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Bulgaria) and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne).

We believe in the power of people to organise and arrange what is needed. We have a flat-hierarchy structure and take decisions as a team. This also means everybody is expected to provide input and everybody is involved in decisions for our cell as a whole. We provide freedom in your work and expect responsibility in return. You know best how to do your work while taking ownership over your work.

As a person you are eager to learn, and you have the ability and attitude to explore new things both in your professional and personal development. We appreciate sharing knowledge with others and we are open to learn from each other. Your experiences, drive and passions in life are valuable to us. We believe it is an integral part of who you are as a person and understand your development will contribute to your own well-being, the well-being of the cell, the well-being of the whole group, the environment and, of course, the benefits for our customers.

Being part of foryouandyourcustomers, you will take on (technical) responsibility as part of a professional and pioneering team within the Netherlands and contribute significantly to its further development.

We are looking for people currently holding a position of software developer, software engineer, backend developer, solution developer, lead developer, cloud developer, software architect, cloud architect, AWS developer, or other similar positions.

You recognise yourself in this cloud developer profile:

  • 5+ years of professional experience in software development and you work and think on an academic level.
  • The (AWS) cloud is no mystery to you. As a developer, you understand and know how to develop well-structured, high-performance code in a cloud-native environment. You understand serverless technology and microservice-based architectures and you are comfortable and familiar with cloud components, services and architectures like function-as-a-service, message queues, NoSQL databases, event-oriented architectures, API gateways, search indexes and logging tools.
  • Reading and writing several coding languages fluently is no issue for you (Node.js, Java, or Python would be great). You consider yourself an advocate of good software (in terms of best practices, design patterns, CI/CD, qualitative and performance measures, monitoring, etc.)
  • You like to be part of a team that takes full responsibility for their work. You understand that working together achieves the best results. You also feel comfortable asking for help when needed, and providing help when asked for.
  • You want to learn and improve yourself, your work and your customers continuously. You adhere to the highest standards and strive to increase the overall quality of your projects. You don’t shy away from tasks outside of your comfort zone and like to challenge yourself and others to grow.
  • You understand software development methodologies (like agile, scrum, xp, lean, devops) and you are able to use them in your daily work to increase the efficiency of delivering our solutions to our customers.
  • You are communicative and self-reliant in your work and you can easily coordinate with your team members and your customers to analyse and estimate user stories, breaking down big tasks into smaller pieces.

We offer

  • Work in a company where your ideas are valued and you can make a difference.
  • Transparent and open culture where you are part of shaping your own future.
  • As an enthusiastic, decisive and entrepreneurial personality, you can expect a surprisingly simple and ground-breaking company with great colleagues.
  • Flat hierarchies, lots of opportunities to get involved in the company.
  • Your knowledge, education and integral success stands in the foreground of all our activities.
  • Exciting projects with A-brand B2C/B2B companies.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and tools to work with.
  • Competitive salary, transparent payment structure and social benefits package.


Are you open to know more about foryouandyourcustomers and the vacancy for a cloud developer? Please send an email to Eric Vanderfeesten, CTO the Netherlands, [email protected].

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