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Martin Apsel-von zur Gathen im Interview mit foryouandyourcustomers

A conversation with Martin Apsel-von zur Gathen: inspiring customer service is the USP that determines success for a strong airline

Sebastian Horat on 20.12.2019

An interview with Udo Rauch: ‘Every retailer who wants to innovatively tackle digital change should take a closer look at commercetools.’

Jonathan Möller on 16.07.2019

‘The DNA of a company’ – an exposition by Christoph Gerber, CEO Core Information Consult, on the information model

Hannes Weikert on 08.07.2019

‘Had we had the Information Modelling technique from for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers when we started our project, we could have saved a lot of pain and time’

Stefan Berner on 27.06.2019