Analogue tools from foryouandyourcustomers for the digital change

Analogue tools for the digital change

Multichannel is a challenge critical for the success of companies and is constantly changing. With the analogue tools from for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers you can learn more about your multichannel business and get an overview of the access to your customers.

Book Corporate Philosophy and Art

The book contains illustrations of the works of 58 artists, texts on the opening of 44 exhibitions and chapters on “The Present”, “Mature Employees”, “Values, Attitude, Maturity” and “Integral Corporate Philosophy”.

Like training a muscle, it takes personal endurance and public spirit, i.e. will and a supportive context, on the way to becoming a human being. This book is a tool for employees and companies to do just that.

The book is currently only available in German.


Do you know when, why and how a customer contacts your company and buys your products and services? Are your communication, sales and service channels working together in perfect harmony, like a well-tuned orchestra?

ChannelOPERA by foryouandyourcustomers is a simple and effective way to develop an awareness of customer behaviour, to identify courses of action in your channels and to develop solutions. In no more than three hours, the participants of a ChannelOPERA workshop put themselves in the position of a typical customer of their company and create their individual customer journey: from the awareness to the evaluation to the purchase, use and service. Improve the customer experience in your business now!

Package contents:

  • Inspirational brochure with detailed instructions for each step and various applications
  • ChannelOVERVIEW as an A3 poster with 129 illustrated channel templates for easily creating personas and business cases including portrait stickers
  • ChannelCARDS for creating the customer journey and 174 stickers with illustrations of the various channels
  • Sufficient smiley stickers in different colours for evaluating touchpoints
  • ChannelOPERA stickers for defining your influence on the touchpoints
  • Templates for creating project proposals


ChannelCARDS symbolise the channels through which companies communicate and interact with customers. This card set offers you numerous ways to experience this interaction in a playful way.


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Try it out for yourself: create easy access for your customers and improve your multichannel business.

Multichannel Guidelines*

New technologies offer new possibilities. In the past these have always led to new regulations in the market. Multichannel Business enables executives and experts to keep track of current opportunities. Read here how the challenge of rapidly growing communication and distribution channels creates competitive advantages. This book gives you new strategies, knowledge and tools to successfully implement a multichannel approach in your company. We look at the customer in their integral view: What prompts them to buy? Which customer journey do they experience? Ultimately, we show you clear optimisation potential.

The book contains the following chapters: 

  • Welcome to multichannel reality
  • The model used for multichannel business
  • Why do customers buy and how do they remain interested in the long term?
  • What role does product information play in your multichannel business?
  • How does having an overview of channels lead to a better multichannel business?
  • Which systems can support your multichannel business?

*The book is not available! The 3rd edition will be published 2022.

Book about Information Modelling 

Understanding is the key to good software. Modelling business processes and the data they affect, however, can only be as good as the underlying understanding of the thing itself. Experience has shown that the main reason for poor software and failed IT projects lies in a lack of understanding of the user’s specific world. IT experts have to understand what users need (and not just what they want). Users and managers have to understand how they use information and what they should expect from the IT.

The method of information modelling improves understanding on all sides.

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Corporate Philosophy

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Information Modelling

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