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The 64th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers in Baar, presents works by the artist Fraenzi Neuhaus.

2023-06-14 Marcel Rossi
Kunstwerke von Fraenzi Neuhaus

We are pleased to present you at the 64th exhibition of foryouandyourcustomers in Baar, works by the artist Fraenzi Neuhaus.

The Solothurn artist Fraenzi Neuhaus works in the field of tension between solid structure and flowing life, between artificial, sometimes highly technological materials and organic forms. She often refers to her objects as bodies; involuntarily, an identification with one's own body arises for the viewer, encompassing the potential of the living: Growth, new connections, changeability. As a trained scientific draughtswoman, Fraenzi Neuhaus incorporates her interest in natural science, especially insects, pollen and flowers. Her artistic cosmos moves between organ forms and microbes, between neural pathways and digital or social networks. Whether as drawings or objects, her works form space, open up spaces, let them breathe through transparency and superimposition. Plastic tubes, filaments or cable ties are used to create peculiarly human bodies that at the same time remain foreign bodies in space. In the exchange between surface and space, the works are further developed, objects are photographed and condensed as a picture into ornaments with symmetries and depth effects. Fraenzi Neuhaus develops many works site-specifically in public or company spaces. (Text: Judith Annaheim).

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