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In the beginning was the Word: Ruth Maria Obrist presents "Microcosm"

2023-11-21 Hannes Benjamin Weikert

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Ruth Maria Obrist is the artist who created this year’s Christmas art edition. A “commissioned work that is both unusual and special in one,” as she told us in spring 2023 during a visit to her studio in Baden, not far from Zurich. Back then, she gave us a look into her series entitled “Microcosm” and during the conversation she shared not only her work process, but also her life – her art. 

In the beginning was the Word. In the case of Ruth Maria Obrist, the written word, which for her as a young person represented the door "into a world in which I could really be me". It was her way of expressing thoughts and feelings: a catalyst in difficult times and a contemporary document in retrospect. "At some point the writing became too personal for me and so I switched to visual representation." Over the next 40 years, Ruth Maria Obrist created an extensive artistic body of work. In addition to wall and room objects as well as installations, this also includes numerous architectural art projects for private or public spaces. Obrist is known for her ability to combine creativity with a touch of Swiss precision and, in her inimitable way, once again gave foryouandyourcustomers a very special Christmas present. 

"Essentially, I go from small to large – a process similar to building architecture with carefully layered building blocks. Many of my works, be they paintings or sculptures, follow this pattern and reveal a universe of creativity built from the smallest elements."

Each piece in this edition is an expression of the ability to relate as a lived value of an integral company and is as unique as the people who receive these artistic gifts. "People I unfortunately don’t know myself and I hope all the more that it will be a special Christmas present for each and every one of them."

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