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The 60th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers at the Uster location

donderdag, 2 februari 2023 ・ 18:00 — vrijdag, 29 december 2023 ・ 17:00 UTC +01:00
foryouandyourcustomers Uster AG, Bankstrasse 1, 8610 Uster, Zwitserland
Golden/brown art piece against white background.

We are pleased to present works by Ruth Maria Obrist in the 60th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers at the Uster location.

Ruth Maria Obrist, born in Laufenburg in 1955, has created an extensive body of work over 40 years. This includes wall and room objects as well as installations and numerous art-in-building projects for private individuals or in public spaces. In Ruth Maria Obrist’s work, the material is central as a starting point, allowing her to be inspired and challenged by the intrinsic colour as well as the behaviour of a substance. She creates sensual surfaces with bitumen, white glue, mercurochrome, gold or rust. Despite the dense materiality, her works radiate a poetic lightness. Her great love is mathematics. She uses principles of order such as the sequence of prime numbers or geometric elements as a measure that gives meaning and support. Connected to this are architecture and space in the broadest sense, the house as well as the vessel. The perception and design of the space in between is of particular importance. (Text: Judith Annaheim)