At foryouandyourcustomers in Sydney, we specialise in digital consulting and offer solutions that help you succeed in commerce and data.

Data Integration

In today's fast-paced business environment, the importance of optimised data flow can't be overstated. We offer expert solutions for integrating your data seamlessly through various customer-facing channels. Whether it's real-time API connectivity, robust security measures, or efficient batch processing, our team has got you covered. Our deep understanding of both technology and industry allows us to advise on and implement the most suitable data integration strategies, making your data work harder for you.

Data Integration / API Connectivity / API Security / Batch Processing / Mulesoft / Boomi / Noname Security / Airflow

API Security

While preventing attacks against your APIs is impossible, fortifying your API security solutions can help you avoid damaging data breaches. Our experts assist your organisation by implementing rigorous security measures tailored to your needs. From creating a comprehensive API inventory, managing API attack scenarios, and identifying vulnerabilities.

API Security / API Inventory / API Attack Management / API Vulnerabilities / Post-Mortem Analysis / Noname Security

Data Management

Managing disparate sets of data can be a daunting task. That's why we offer robust solutions to help you manage your product, customer, or supplier data and create a golden record. Our approach enables a 360-view of your data, combining both structured and unstructured datasets to enhance findability and support your analytics needs. With our expertise in various platforms like Akeneo, Stibo, and Databricks, we ensure your digital information supply chain is well-organised and efficient.

Data Management / Master Data Manament / Product Information Management / Digital Information Supply Chain / Akeneo / Stibo / Databricks

Commerce Solutions

Our team of seasoned industry practitioners understands the unique challenges that retailers and manufacturers face in their omnichannel journey. Combined with our technology experts, we help our clients choose, design, and implement the best-fitting and modern commerce tech stack. With a deep understanding of both B2B and B2C requirements, we are well-equipped to create an excellent omnichannel experience.

Omnichannel Consulting / Commerce Implementations / Omnichannel Fulfilment / Order Management / Customer Experience / Commerce Tech Stack / Architecture / MACH / Composable Commerce / Service Design / Technology Evaluation

Digital Consulting

We are proud to be the trusted advisor and partner for businesses navigating the landscape of digital change, from strategy and innovation to implementation and support. Our unique combination of extensive industry experience and a comprehensive toolbox for digital change empowers our clients to master digital change in a fast and pragmatic manner.

Trusted Advisor / Digital Change / Software Evaluation / Customer Experience / Data / Technology / Retail / Manufacturing / Healthcare


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Our team in Sydney

Carlos outside
Carlos R. Iturria
Principal Director & Practice Lead
Experienced Tech Leader who bridges the gap between technology and business, specialising in Integration, API management, and Security practices.
image of Steve Wilson, Sales Director Australia
Steve Wilson
Director Sales & Consulting
Leads companies to digital success with a unique blend of sales and consulting expertise.
Profile Picture of Tobias Felbecker sitting on an orange bench, holding an iPad.
Tobias Felbecker
CEO Sydney & Digital Consultant
Supports his clients in their digital change with passion and practical experience.