In Feldkirch, foryouandyourcustomers shows brands a way, turns words into values and gets messages across.

Four young people in a bright office in a friendly atmosphere.

Design through personal care

Seen integrally, everything that is, is related to each other. That's why our design work has an effect in many directions. We consciously set signs that are coherent for you and your customers, that enable consistent and new business, and that can be implemented within an agreed framework. No question, this pays off. Also because beautiful communication has a positive effect on your relationships. Also, because you are in a relationship with your customers.

Contact point analysis / Contact point planning / Consistent communication in words and pictures / For man and machine (SEO)

User Experience Design

We are professionals in the design of digital brand experiences. Primarily for the screen but also for your favourite channel. Through technology, we make information tangible, enable surprisingly simple interactions and ensure smooth transactions. So that the right people encounter your story on the right platform. We help you to do this. Fast and well.

Rapid Prototyping / Information Architecture / Wireframes / Content Platforms / Online Shops / Service Portals / Mobile Apps / B2B Applications / Print Derivations

User Experience Management

We are professionals in planning digital brand experiences. We see people as ambassadors. They provide insights and increase the visibility of things that often remain hidden. That's why we talk to them. And listen. To understand.

In workshops and customer journeys.

Observation / UX-Interview / Personas / Experience Map / Expert Review / Design Sprints / Design Thinking / Usability Testing / Tracking & Analytics

Design Systems

We always design information and sales channels together with our clients. Thus our work is always part of a system. From the small to the large. From call-to-action to user flow. We package everything together in a library that defines your design language, is available in the organisation and can be constantly developed further. In this way, you communicate consistently, develop in a resource-friendly way and are faster in the end.

Modular Design / Design Patterns / Developer Handoff / Figma / Invision


Perspectives, news and stories


Our team in Feldkirch

Portrait of Bettina in front of art
Bettina Bitschnau
Senior User Experience Designer
Visualises consistent user experiences and creates structurally versatile design systems.
Portrait Christian Fischl in a business suit
Christian Fischl
CEO & PIM/MDM-Consultant
Accompanies his customers through the fundamental digital change in his role as PIM/MDM consultant.
Claus Stachl sitting on his skateboard on a road through nature.
Claus Stachl
Senior UX Designer
Thinks, plans and designs groundbreaking experiences in digital channels and in working life with his team.
Katharina in front of Lake Constance
Katharina Blum
UX Designer
Creates user-centered digital design solutions and systems to match the brand identity.
portrait of Sandra in front of a library
Sandra Oman
Office Manager
Manages administrative processes in Dornbirn and Feldkirch.

We employ more people than visible. As an integral company, we leave it up to our employees whether they appear on the website.


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