We are pleased to welcome you to our new office in the heart of Munich

We are pleased to welcome you to our new office in the heart of Munich

At a new location with a lot of space for art, successful collaboration with our valued customers and the individual as well as collective development of staff, for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Munich is opening its doors at Liebigstrasse 22 in the district of Altstadt-Lehel. The digitalisation experts with a focus on user experience, e-commerce, data analytics and digital product data are looking forward to officially opening the new office for customers, staff, friends and potential clients with an exhibition by the Berlin artist Wolfgang Ganter in due time.

‘Extraordinary, pleasant, light and inspiring’: Jens Plattfaut, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Munich, could have easily kept listing the advantages of the recently occupied new offices. The team has moved from the district of Schwabing to the heart of Munich’s old town – to be exact, to a listed old building dating from the end of the 19th century and centrally located in the district of Altstadt-Lehel. ‘An office that feels as if it was made for us, due to its various design and usage possibilities, the atmosphere prevailing in the entire building and its location in Munich,’ the CEO describes, visibly satisfied.

Jens Plattfaut and his colleagues have now started to be there for their clients in a four-storey office building of just under 315 square metres on the ground floor, which not only conserves and refines the charm and flair of the neo-Renaissance architecture on the outside, but whose stylish and responsible combination of the existing with the present qualities is also clearly presented to visitors on entering.

‘Of course, the size of the new premises – we now have nearly 120 square metres more space – was a major aspect for our choice,’ says Plattfaut of the parameters in the search for the perfect property. ‘In our previous office, our capacity was at the limit: there was hardly space for workstations and workspaces, and bigger meetings and events were no longer possible. This is why it had been clear to us for quite a while that a change of premises was necessary so that the team could work successfully for the customers and to facilitate the internally promoted further development of each employee in the long run. In addition, we want to continue the growth at the site – from two employees when the office was founded in 2015, to 17 in 2020 – in the coming years, carefully and in line with our corporate culture, so that we can continue to serve our customers in the best possible way.’ And this at a place ‘where employees, customers, partners and art lovers like to meet, spend time and work together. Our premises should offer a space and a lot of room for well-being, inspiration and communication with one another,’ says Jens Plattfaut.  

It took around one and a half years ‘together with the fantastic support of our team of estate agents to find a suitable property that met our requirements,’ Jens Plattfaut elaborates: ‘Until we struck gold in Liebigstrasse. I’m especially happy that we were able to find the new office in the end with the help of Nicole Brenner (Savills), who already helped us find our first office in Herzogstrasse in Munich Schwabing and exactly understood what we were looking for.’ 

‘This is why it had been clear to us for quite a while that a change of premises was necessary so that the team could work successfully for the customers and to facilitate the internally promoted further development of each employee in the long run.’

Jens Plattfaut, CEO foryouandyourcustomers Munich

Opening the entrance door to the new office, entering the long corridor with its dark oiled wooden parquet flanked by high walls that run up to the lighting incorporated into the ceilings, and following the works of art that connect the bright and open rooms, the advantages of the new office described at the beginning by Jens Plattfaut quickly take shape.

‘It is an inherent part of the corporate culture of foryouandyourcustomers to present contemporary art at all locations. On the one hand, to offer artists a platform and, on the other hand, to create an inspiring environment for the staff and our customers/visitors/partners,’ he says while showing us around the different rooms. The new space is ideally suited to this: ‘The office feels very open, with a lot of space and growth opportunities for our ever-changing art exhibitions. On top of that, there is enough space for our employees to work in peace and quiet but also enough space for meeting with customers or colleagues and for holding our traditionally well-attended business breakfasts – potential that the team from foryouandyourcustomers recognised right away in the rooms on Liebigstrasse, as Jens Plattfaut reports.

‘In the decision-making process for the new office, we involved all the colleagues in Munich and organised extra group viewings of the building. Afterwards, every single one of them was absolutely ecstatic – this was the first time this had happened after a tour of the site.’ This is due to the great premises, but also to the location. Plattfaut continues: ‘The office and its location directly in the city centre was an absolute stroke of luck for the team in every way. As foryouandyourcustomers, we would like to be easy to find for our staff as well as possible new colleagues in a central and attractive environment.

Kunstausstellung in Büroräumlichkeiten

We think this requirement is fulfilled by how easily the new office can be reached on foot as well as the equally good connection to the public transport network. On the other hand, we can easily have meetings and talks with customers walking in the English Garden nearby or along the Isar, visit museums and galleries, go for a meal in one of the countless restaurants in Lehel or go for a beer together there in the evening. The new office and its surroundings have everything that we wanted and everything that will support us to provide an inviting, inspiring and productive environment for us and our customers.’

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the office is already being used by the staff, in keeping with the physical distancing policy. ‘We are also already organising the first private tours of Wolfgang Ganter’s current exhibition in cooperation with our art curator Carola Conradt. Potential clients are welcome to get in touch with us already,’ says Jens Plattfaut.

‘We want to facilitate direct contact with art on the premises of foryouandyourcustomers. We choose artists whose works induce discussion and pose new questions for the changing exhibition. At the moment, it is a wonderful opportunity to acquaint oneself with the many-faced and breathtaking photographs of Wolfgang Ganter, even before the official opening. Consider yourself cordially invited to take part in our exclusive tours in small groups over the summer months and enter into a lively dialogue about art. When we can return to normal operations  and officially open the office and Wolfgang Ganter’s exhibition is currently still written unclear, but the team is already looking forward to spending more time together in the new office again.’ 

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