Data visualisation as a process – from data and user awareness to creating value

Data visualisation as a process - from data and user awareness to creating value


Thursday, 13rd August 2020 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM (UTC+1)


Online webinar (access provided after registration)

Online webinar on data visualisation as a user centric process.

Data Scientist from Munich

In a company’s cosmos of data, data visualisation offers the possibility of making data tangible and of telling a story about your customers, your pain points as well as your potentials. However, despite its popularity and the richness of methods and tools, businesses are struggling to create data visualisation solutions that are user centric, address an actual need, send a clear message and, thus, can have a measurable impact.

In this webinar with foryouandyourcustomers, we are going to discuss data visualisation as a user-centric process, taking into account organisational interdependencies and shedding light on the data potential of the company. We will address each step of the process as well as the tools used to produce a visualisation solution of high data quality that creates value for the user.

Imme Christina Zillekens, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist

Imme supports businesses in leveraging their data potential, in transforming data into tangible insights and in creating synergies by means of innovative technological and human-centered approaches.

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