We bring people and economic activity together

We bring people and economic activity together

Guidance refers to a high level of mutual trust and support, along with a minimum exertion of power – comparable with the approach used to teach people to swim.

Synarchy is the organisational form of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers and aims to create a connection between people and economic activity. Our starting point is our belief that humans very rarely change, but that they do have the ability to develop and make progress. This maturing process among staff is supported in a variety of ways, including a family cell structure, organised as both a cell (enterprise unit) and an integrated hierarchical and participatory network of all cells within the group.

Since 2005, Robert Josef StadlerStephan Mueller and Jonathan Moeller have been familiar with this integral management approach, which was developed in 1998 and is a major advantage for foryouandyourcustomers. During the establishment of foryouandyourcustomers, it was clear to everyone involved that we wanted to create an extraordinary company with a role model status.

Synarchie is a fundamental aspect of integral management. In very simple terms and only within the context of the organisational structure, this integration refers to the idea that previous stages are integrated in the form of patriarchal, supporting guidance, egalitarian, democratic developments (improvement process in an internal message system) and archaic elements (size of the cells). The individuals responsible for carrying out each activity, and overriding decisions about who can participate in the activities and who needs to be informed, are clearly defined in the integral management system.

The development of a child into a responsible citizen, as propagated by Lawrence Kohlberg in ‘The Psychology of Moral Development’, can be compared to the development of a member of staff performing his or her duties, someone who is essentially working within one of many stages of maturity (e.g. lack of experience with SAP Commerce Cloud, three years of experience, lots of experience, more than 10 years of experience) and requires specific guidance, depending on their current stage of development.

In Synarchie, guidance refers to a high level of mutual trust and support, along with a minimum exertion of power – comparable with the approach used to teach people to swim. On one hand, it is easily possible to provide situational guidance for up to 25 employees, while on the other hand, personal and technical development is strongly supported by a close relationship between employees. These are the reasons why foryouandyourcustomers works with a maximum cell size of 25 staff.

No headquarters required

Trust is a fundamental element for foryouandyourcustomers. The group currently consists of fourteen cells , each with its own managing directors and staff. These cells function as independent companies and are at the same time 100% subsidiaries of foryouandyourcustomers Holding AG. The individual cells organise themselves with a high degree of independence in such a way that they make a contribution to the other cells and the group, while at the same time remaining autonomously viable. The same applies to the employees in each cell, who organise themselves with the same degree of independence in such a way that they can continue to develop, often teaching themselves and simultaneously generating a financial contribution.

Once a cell reaches the maximum size of 25 full-time employees (FTE), it is split and a new cell is created with a new managing director. The same applies to the group: once it has reached the maximum size of 25 cells, it is divided. Once the company reaches the maximum size of 25 groups, i.e. approximately 12,000 employees, it, in turn, is also divided, and so on.

Hierarchical aspects

The hierarchical element of the Synarchie organisational model is the Board of Directors, which provides the highest level of guidance for foryouandyourcustomers and consists of one managing director from each cell. It is only very rarely that the group’s CEO is required to make decisions, for example when implementing the integral management system, when communicating its identity and when selecting office space and its organisation. Furthermore, our values, our charter and agreed rules, in addition to mutual respect both within and outside of the company, are also hierarchically implemented. We also apply the original principles developed by Peter Koenig, trusting and following the founder and the information he provided when tackling fundamental issues.

Participation of employees

A fundamental aspect of foryouandyourcustomers is that each individual employee makes their own contribution to their own well-being, the well-being of the cell, the well-being of the whole group, the environment and, of course, the benefits for our customers. We consider paid working hours to be a part of our lives and a good opportunity to develop ourselves. Exemplary examples of participative elements in the Synarchie organisational model include:

  • The statutes of all of companies define the corporate purpose of foryouandyourcustomers as supporting the further development of participating individuals and companies.
  • All employees can invest in foryouandyourcustomers Holding AG, but not in one individual cell. All registered shares with voting rights are held by members of the management board. 27 employees have participated by investing in registered share certificates.
  • If a profit is paid out to the shareholders, employees receive the same amount in total.
  • The management makes decisions in consent, i.e. if no one present makes a justified objection.
  • Each employee can make a contribution to the development of the company by submitting internal messages.
  • Our employees are responsible, mature people who are answerable for their actions and omissions. We accept that each colleague brings different strengths to the company and that we have a higher than average number of part-time employees

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