18. Ausstellung in Zürich mit Werken von Adrian Künzi

18th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers Zurich with works by Adrian Künzi


28th August 2019


foryouandyourcustomers Zurich, Röntgenstrasse 22, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland (Directions)

The exhibition, curated by Sali Oelhafen, can be visited until April 2020 after telephone registration at the Zurich location. 

Together with artist Adrian Künzi, for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers had invited Zurich to “A House, a Man, a Ship”: The 18th exhibition of the company.

“His art is striking, reduced to the essentials. The chainsaw helps him to do this – its coarseness protects him from getting lost in details,” art mediator Brigit Meier describes Künzis’s work of recent years in a pointed way. An artist whose works are characterised by the courage to be great and coarse, who creates forms according to recurring patterns – the ladder, the stele, the vessel.  “Yes, that’s me, that’s me and that’s my art,” Adrian Künzi said in a few words.

45 Exhibits – tall, narrow sculptures, woodcuts, steles, reliefs, and forms – the freelance designer and curator Sali Oelhafen had put together and arranged on site for the premiere in Zurich. A large selection of Künzi’s striking works with the wood saw; a selection from his broad spectrum of natural and colourfully elaborated works of art.

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