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The 68th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers presents works of Nevena Ekimova in Sofia

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 ・ 05:00 pm — 07:00 pm UTC +02:00
foryouandyourcustomers Sofia, 1 Pozitano Square, Floor 1, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
stiched artwork showing embroided packman figures

Invitation to the 68th Vernissage at foryouandyourcustomers on 20th September 2023, 18:00–20:00 with artwork by Nevena Ekimova, 18:30 Welcome by Albena Mancheva, CEO Sofia, and Introduction by Viktoria Draganova, curator.


For her exhibition, “Tchotchke”, Nevena Ekimova is keeping it sweet and
silly. Surrounded by supposed “supernerds”, she takes the rare opportunity
to frolic in her own geekiness and come up with wildly playful ideas, unboun-
ded by any constraints, apparent or implied, of white cube art. After chatting
with each member of the office staff about their objects of interest, love and
obsession, she steps into their shoes and creates an object that is uniquely
theirs – a tchotchke, a talisman, an inevitable amalgamation of actual feed-
back and her own fantasies about their life. To create a personal and homely
environment in the ascetic office space, she draws from childhood nostalgia
and meme culture, uses techniques varying from wool felting to AI image
curation, and picks the brains of famous minds like Baron Munchhausen
and GPT-4.

Text: Viktoria Draganova
Image: Nevena Ekimova, © The artist


Meet the following people at the event

Albena Mancheva sitting in a cushioned chair with open laptop smiling..
Albena Mancheva
Leads the cell at Sofia and supports our customers with expertise in software engineering and scrum methodology.
Man with long dark hair in black jumper smiles into the camera.
Ivan Kolarov
Office Assistant
Supports the CEO of Sofia with a variety of administration and team event-related tasks and occasionally creates digital content.
Profile of Ivan
Ivan Chavdarov
Software Engineer
Develops back-end solutions for e-commerce.