31st exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers: works by Bruno Sutter in Baar

31st exhibition: works by Bruno Sutter in Baar


April 2020


foryouandyourcustomers Baar, Bahnhofstr. 4, 6340 Baar, Schweiz

The exhibition, curated by Sali Oelhafen, can be visited until April 2020 after telephone registration at the Baar location. 

The Swiss sculptor Bruno Sutter uses various materials like metal to create clearly reduced objects. A closer look at the sculptures shows the diversity of the layers. Until April 2020, visitors at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Baar can get their own impression of Bruno Sutter’s work.

Wood, concrete, metal, jute, paper or even PET. The sculptor Bruno Sutter combines building materials, compacting them, casting them, pressing them or layering them together to create sculptures and sculptures that recall both sediment drillings and tree trunk annual rings. Far beyond the subject of recycling, his work refers to the elementary cycles of matter. Topics such as time, change, transience, and even eternity are reminiscent. The objects are of a simple aesthetic, radiating what is compressed in them. Subtle are the gradations of colours and surfaces, caused by rough equipment, conceptual preparatory work and a deliberate measure of chance; there as a small wall object, there large, even accessible as a work of art in public space. (Isabelle Köpfli)

The exhibition, curated by Sali Oelhafen, can be visited until April 2020 after registration at +41 41 799 44 70.

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