Stefan Berner

Business Analyst & Modelling Expert

My name is Stefan Berner and my passion has been modelling data for more than 30 years. From my experience as a developer, database architect and project manager I know: Understanding is the key to good software. Computer scientists need to understand what users need. Users need to understand how they use information and what they should expect from IT. As a Business Analyst & Modelling Expert at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers in Baar, I support you in taking advantage of the correctly modeled information of your business model. I find the private balance in playing badminton, piano or a game of GO.


+41 711 44 70


Stefan Berner explains in his book ‘Information modelling’ the key to good software. With this method, information needs are described neutrally – without processes and technologies.

White-paper ‘Informationmodelling’

The information model is a semantic reflexion of real businesses and their digital challenges. It helps people connect the real world to a digital model and make it tangible. The information model therefore forms the basis for collaboration and shared understanding in the digital change.

Posts with Stefan Berner

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