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API Security Unveiled: Learn from leading industry experts about reducing the risk for Cyber Attacks and Data breaches

Donnerstag, 14.09.2023 ・ 17:00 — 20:00 UTC +10:00
Level 18, foryouandyourcustomers office , 31 Queen Street, 3000 Melbourne , Australien
API Security Unveiled

Join us for an exclusive meetup that dives deep into the world of API Security. This event will explore the challenges, solutions, and innovations in API Security. Whether you're an IT professional, developer, security expert, or business leader, this meetup offers valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Why Attend?

  • Comprehensive Insights: Learn from industry leaders and experts, drawing from two insightful articles on API Security.

  • Practical Workshops: Engage in hands-on learning to enhance your skills and understanding of API Security.

  • Networking Opportunities: Build connections with like-minded professionals in the API space.


05:00 pm


Opening Doors and networking with cold refreshments - Today only from Lion :-)

06:00 pm

Welcome and kick off

Welcome to the meetup and office, introduction of the sponsors

06:10 pm

MuleSoft roadmap

MuleSoft starts with a series of updates and key roadmap related items.

06:25 pm

API Security explained

foryouandyourcustomers will cover why most organisations are victims of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

06:45 pm

Interview with Jamie Rossato

Jamie will cover what measures have been followed for Lion to avoid being victims of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

07:15 pm

API Security Demo

In this engaging session, representatives from Noname Security will provide insights into the practical aspects of API Security.

07:30 pm

Wrap and Q&A

We conclude this session with swag, prices and lots of other surprises.

07:35 pm


Conclude the meetup with an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

08:00 pm

End of event

Meet us

We are looking forward to meeting you

Carlos outside
Carlos R. Iturria
Principal Director & Practice Lead
Experienced Tech Leader who bridges the gap between technology and business, specialising in Integration, API management, and Security practices.
Profilbild von Tobias Felbecker, der auf einer orangefarbenen Bank sitzt und ein iPad hält.
Tobias Felbecker
CEO Sydney & Digital Consultant
Unterstützt seine Kunden beim digitalen Wandel mit Leidenschaft und Praxiserfahrung.
Bild von Steve Wilson, Verkaufsleiter in Sydney
Steve Wilson
Director Sales & Consulting
Führt Unternehmen mit einer einzigartigen Mischung aus Vertriebs- und Beratungsexpertise zum digitalen Erfolg.
Profilbild von Kunal Lohia
Kunal Lohia
CEO | Senior Project Manager
Leitet das Geschäft in Melbourne und liefert erfolgreiche Ergebnisse für alle Aspekte digitaler Veränderungsprojekte, um Dinge zu erledigen.