39th exhibition at foryouandyourcustomers with works by Regula Verdet-Fierz and Maritta Winter

39th exhibition with works by Regula Verdet-Fierz and Maritta Winter


Until September 2021


foryouandyourcustomers Baar, Bahnhofstrasse 4, 6340 Baar, Switzerland 
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At the 39th exhibition of foryouandyourcustomers in Baar you will meet bronze sculptures and woven pictures presented in our rooms.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the 39th exhibition at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Baar. The two artists Regula Verdet-Fierz and Maritta Winter show a lot of classical craftsmanship in their works and are inspired by nature. 

Bronze sculptures and woven pictures: the exhibition offers abundant indications of classical craftsmanship. However, a second glance at the works reveals the extent to which artistic technique has been refined and developed. Although Regula Verdet-Fierz works with a loom, she weaves threads that she has previously painted individually and in sections – thus producing a three-dimensional painting, so to speak. The colour in the canvas (instead of on the canvas) creates a pictorial work that is in a constant state of flux as the spectator moves in front of it. Maritta Winter is also fascinated by the play of light and colour on surfaces. Her abstract sculptures are cast in bronze or aluminium; some are colourfully patinated or highly polished and shimmering. Winter is in search of opulent volumes, and the dynamics of the artistic forms reveal her passion for dance. Both artists are greatly inspired by the power of nature, by the elements of fire and water, and by the growth of plants and animal life – yet they transform these impressions into abstract forms and pure colour effects. (Judith Annaheim)

The exhibition can be viewed at the Baar location until September 2021, by appointment on +41 711 44 70. 

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