Disability insurance from SVA Aargau takes an external view

Disability insurance from SVA Aargau takes an external view

As far as foryouandyourcustomers was concerned, working with SVA Aargau was a model example of engagement, openness and constructive dialogue.

In Aargau Patrick SchmitterMartin Egeli and Martina Amsler of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Zurich were given this momentous and somewhat unusual brief: to conduct a needs-based process analysis with directly affected target groups of the SVA Aargau disability insurance scheme. The aim was to find out how the people affected – the sick, employers and doctors – see working with the disability insurance scheme, and to identify their needs. The task was shaped by an incredibly committed team.

Three months, three project phases, three groups of external stakeholders

“An external perspective is at the heart of this task; the aim is stakeholder satisfaction.” Peter Eberhard, Head of Disability Insurance at SVA Aargau, set out these clear expectations when launching our brief. Around 20 executives and team leaders listened attentively and left the room with high expectations of foryouandyourcustomers and the joint project.

The starting signal was given at the end of March, and the project was successfully completed by mid-June: a tight schedule, roughly divided into three phases. In an initial stage, prior to the kick-off itself, we worked with the interdisciplinary core team to identify the focus of the analysis and the relevant target groups. This included gaining an understanding of the somewhat complex overall process. Not only did this aid communication in the subsequent period, but also helped to facilitate the swift implementation of the project. We set out the workshop format and recruited the participants. A wide range of employees involved in pension testing, integration and the local medical service made efforts to pinpoint suitable participants: insured people, employers and doctors were all invited, so that each of the workshops comprised between four and eight participants.

The second step was conducting the workshops themselves. The analysis focused on six pairs of workshops. The first part examined the external view. A total of 42 insured people, employers and doctors who had previously been in contact with the disability insurance providers had agreed to participate. “This series of workshops was quite unlike anything else. I was impressed by the openness of the participants and the fact that they took the time and effort to take part, despite the strain on their health,” said Martin Egeli, Senior Multichannel Consultant at foryouandyourcustomers, who moderated the events in a flexible and sensitive manner.

In the second part, the external view was then mirrored and supplemented by the interdisciplinary internal view. A total of 47 employees from the integration, pension testing and local medical service divisions tackled problems and worked together to come up with suggestions for improvement. The methodological starting point for the workshops was the ChannelOPERA workshop method developed by foryouandyourcustomers, which we had adapted to the specific challenges in this case.

In the third step, we consolidated all of the findings. This resulted in six experience maps, 258 ideas for improvement and seven fields of action for SVA disability insurance. The fact that the results were seamlessly integrated into internal processing, thus building a bridge for implementation, proved crucial to our success. The experience maps also made the workshop findings accessible to employees who had not taken part. The seven fields of action form the basis for the project teams that are now being created. Quick wins and individual pilot projects are currently being implemented.

Learning from the customer

As far as foryouandyourcustomers was concerned, working with SVA Aargau was a model example of engagement, openness and constructive dialogue. What was Peter Eberhard’s view of the project? “I’ve never before worked with an external partner who has understood us so quickly and worked with us so flexibly,” was his verdict. What made it special for us? “Having completed the task, two aspects remain at the forefront of our minds. There’s the technical aspect: we now have a comprehensive understanding of the social security system in Switzerland and the way in which it is interdependent on accident and daily benefits insurance and income support. And then there’s the human aspect: the interdisciplinary workshop participants exchanged views in an open and constructive way. It was a huge pleasure to work with such dedicated, open, socially responsible and technically skilled people. We learned a lot from the experience, too,” concluded Martina Amsler.

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