BLACKROLL: full automation from the order onwards

BLACKROLL: full automation from the order onwards

Over the past few years, BLACKROLL® has become a much sought-after product in the field of “functional fitness” and “manual therapy”. Feelbest GmbH, its exclusive distributor in Switzerland, and based in Switzerland’s Zuercher Oberland, has seen new B2B and B2C orders for BLACKROLL® increase year on year. The company makes full use of the multichannel expertise of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers for support when it comes to optimising the ordering and delivery process for customers.

In 2015 alone, an average of around 25 orders were shipped from Feelbest GmbH per day – a number that was set to increase generally. Doing so on such a scale makes the entire process, especially manual order processing (entry, shipping, taking payment, etc.) very costly and requires a lot of human input. What is more, the financial and human resources required keep increasing in line with the number of orders. For this reason, foryouandyourcustomers decided to collaborate with BLACKROLL® on a concept that would further develop Feelbest GmbH for tangible and measurable multichannel maturity.

As part of a six-month project undertaken collectively by foryouandyourcustomers’ Uster, Vienna and Zurich locations, countless optimisations were introduced:

Relaunch of the BLACKROLL® website

Content and commerce now merge seamlessly, without jeopardising the exclusive distributor’s positioning, on the new website. Access to helpful information has also been greatly improved. Customers can, for example, filter items using the key word backache, receiving hits not only for relevant and practical BLACKROLL® products, but also targeted suggestions for exercises, blog articles and specialist literature for that particular search term. Furthermore, online purchases can now also be paid for using Visa and Mastercard, not just via invoicing.

Studies show that as 80 per cent of online users in Switzerland use invoicing when ordering, companies have to have means of processing this invoice automatically. With this in mind, invoices with a BESR number are now being generated automatically and processing of the incoming payment check is being automated. To ensure this is done, foryouandyourcustomers has already set up an interface between WooCommerce and Bexio, which displays the payment status in the WooCommerce backend directly.

This new online offering does not just mean new, optimal service for end customers, however, but also for intermediaries. Whereas dealers used to have to endure a complicated fax-based ordering process, each dealer now has their own login, simplifying the process tremendously. Thanks to an integrated price logic, they are also offered different pricing scales and deal-specific terms in real time, depending on the order quantity and history.

YellowCube logistics integration

To ensure smooth, fast and inexpensive storage and distribution of orders, the warehouse for B2C customer products has been relocated to the YellowCube at the Swiss Post.

This short video shows how YellowCube online distributors take the strain off the overall logistics process.


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The advantages of making this change are clear to see: storage, packaging and returns are now fully automated for orders 365 days a year. For the customer, this means that they can place their orders online by up to 5:30 p.m. on one day and are guaranteed to get their goods the following day. In addition, the change makes it possible to keep track of a delivery at all times using the track and trace number and, consequently, to remain informed of the exact delivery time.

Further optimisations in the pipeline

Working together with foryouandyourcustomers, efforts are ongoing to further optimise Feelbest GmbH’s multichannel business. Potential options for the future include expanded ranges of products and, logistically speaking, collection points as well as evening and weekend deliveries of orders, in collaboration with the postal service.

Something nice for you and your fascia

Erika and Thomas, the duo behind Blackroll, are offering our blog readers a 10% discount for orders placed on until the end of August 2016. To get your discount and enjoy this offer, enter the code foryouandyourcustomers 10% at the checkout. Have fun while you relax!


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