44th Business Breakfast in Vienna to discuss the digital supply chain

44th Business Breakfast in Vienna to discuss the digital supply chain

For the fifth time, Stephan Mueller and Stefan Berner will give talks on the topic of the digital supply chain, explaining why it should be a core competence within every company and revealing the role that information modelling has to play. Following previous events in Zurich, Essen, Stuttgart and Feldkirch, they will be coming to Vienna for the 44th Business Breakfast hosted by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers, where they will meet interested attendees. 

The host, Andreas Damberger, CEO of the Vienna site, welcomed the 13 attendees to the Vienna office and opened the Business Breakfast with a short explanation of the Exploded View, a model developed by Jonathan Moeller that helps companies gain a better overview and more effective structure for digitalisation and thus the digital supply chain.

He then handed over to Stephan Mueller, CEO of Baar and a qualified operations and production engineer with 20 years of experience, who gave a talk entitled “The evolution of the supply chain – why continued development is vital for survival”. After presenting the supply chain and its digital twin, the digital supply chain, his talk focused primarily on the challenges faced by companies that want to successfully master digitalisation. Lack of maturity is a key issue. As a young discipline, the digital supply chain has not established itself as part of the everyday vocabulary, with the result that there is also a lack of awareness among top management. Yet Stephan Mueller believes networking and cooperation between employees across the confines of departments and organisations to be crucial. Tools such as information modelling can create a decisive advantage. His talk ended with questions from the keen audience about the newly expanded scope for product managers and analysis of digitalisation giants like Amazon.

Stefan Berner talks about organisational and implementation weak points within digitalisation.

Information modelling was the subject of the second talk by Stefan Berner, Senior Multichannel Consultant and an expert in this field. With his humorous delivery and accompanying music by Mani Matter, he soon succeeded in demonstrating the core skill involved in information modelling: clear and unambiguous communication. After all, poor communication between information users and data administrators is a recurring weakness within many organisations when it comes to implementing a digital supply chain strategy, explained Berner, who also recounted his own past experiences in this area. Using a correct information model allows these problems to be circumvented and can enable companies to go digital successfully.

Thank you to all those who attended. If you’re interested in learning more, Stephan Mueller and Stefan Berner will be giving more talks on the digital supply chain on their travels. 

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