“ChannelOPERA” – a way of achieving more success in customer relationships

“ChannelOPERA” – a way of achieving more success in customer relationships

By using the method of foryouandyour-customers the participants get an overall picture of the Customer Journey.

A sell-out event on Wednesday, 24 guests took up our invitation to the Herterweiher Pavilion in Uster, keen to enjoy the première of the Channel OPERA workshop hosted by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers Zurich.

The focus of the event was giving guests the chance to experience our working methods and, by doing so, help participants to develop an awareness of customer behaviour, identify fields of action in their company channels and develop approaches. There was, of course, sufficient time during this for stimulating conversation, a delicious brunch and a collective brainstorming and project development.

Representatives of a very wide range of industries and companies – CEOs, e-commerce managers, heads of marketing, e-business managers, category managers, brand managers, etc. – got a chance to experience foryouandyourcustomers’ Channel OPERA for themselves. In other words, they found out how surprisingly simple it is to use and how efficient it is. “With half the input, you can generate twice the amount of beneficial output as with many other methods,” Jonathan Moeller said in his talk.

“It’s a sensation: very powerful and leads quickly and directly to measurable success,” were the words of organisational consultant Romy Gerhard, founder and owner of HRnet Development, giving her opinion of “Channel OPERA” after the event. “I agree with Jonathan Möller. I also believe that he was being circumspect with his choice of words before, because the user benefits are even greater in my eyes – exponential increases are possible with it.”

“ChannelOPERA” offers concrete solutions

Romy Gerhard was one of the people taking part. Working in smaller groups, guests at the beautiful Herterweiher Pavilion composed the route taken by a persona along relevant channels, then evaluated the intensity of the experience and design of the customer’s touchpoints with the respective organisation. The aim with the “ChannelOPERA” is to help companies to understand customer behaviour and, building on this, to develop optimisation measures that will create an inspiring purchasing experience with your own company.

It was Romy Gerhard’s first time experiencing ChannelOPERA. Did she like it? In her opinion, there were two main positive aspects: first, “ChannelOPERA” combines the perspectives of all the people involved in one customer journey and captures multiple levels at the same time. In other words, instead of focusing on one perspective only, the entire process brings to bear not only the customer’s perspective, but also the perspective of the customer adviser, the sales employee and (for example) the warehouse employee. Romy Gerhard points out that this constitutes a major difference from many other methods. And this wasn’t the only difference that she noted, having spotted that the roles of the individuals in the process are being captured emotionally as well as cognitively, something which she has rarely experienced in the past. Romy Gerhard is certain that taking the emotional perspective into consideration creates a different kind of awareness among participants.

Awareness at different levels

By using the foryouandyourcustomers method, “we build an overall picture of the customer journey”, which every participant could help to improve or optimise. This, she continued, was the reason why she thinks that “ChannelOPERA” has such a major effect and is so powerful. “And the great thing is, it does so in a simple and playful way, making work fun and providing a fast way to measurable success,” the HRnet Development founder says. No battles with PowerPoint or Excel tables either and, as Gerhard points out, it will likely bring a big fun factor to proceedings for participants. Gerhard was confident that this would be the case, with others also sharing her opinion.

“The workshop was only one hour, but we managed to get the first suggestions for our customer journey ready in that time. I was really surprised how quick it was,” said Peter Müller, from drug distribution company Zur Rose, which operates across Europe. Müller, Head of Project Management, believes the reason for this is the “simplicity of the tool and method”. He told us that the entire process was almost “like playtime as well as being automated”, and that they “got their bearings very easily”.

Easy to use and fast results

“The materials immediately got rid of any inhibitions among us participants, which I really liked, as, quite clearly, did the other members of the group.” And that wasn’t the only positive effect. “The simplicity also ensured that the aim of ChannelOPERA was obvious to participants from the start, as well as making it easier to use the tools. The wonderful group dynamic enabled us to make fast progress with little hassle, while also having stimulating discussions and many conversations on the subject matter.”

“Our group was also quick and successful,” said Alexa Wackernagel from Elektro Material in Zurich. “With slightly more time, we would even have been able to put together and analyse many more touchpoints,” the e-business manager continued, talking to us immediately after the event. “ChannelOPERA is a wonderful method. It really does make it much easier to identify potential improvement for your own company,” Alexa Wackernagel affirmed after the practical testing at the Herterweiher Pavilion. And speaking in relation to her own business: “At Elektro Material, we already offer our customers a large number of touchpoints with the company. That said, we could still fine-tune and make further improvements when it comes to working together.”

Jürg Schubiger, CEO of Schubiger Moebel, had some concerns, however: “There are one or two things that I’ve learnt today that we could go about tackling at my company. Creating a vision, in this case identifying potential for improvement in a customer journey, as we did today, is relatively easy. That said, it’s not so easy to then make this vision reality – that’s an art in itself. We’ve gotten to know foryouandyourcustomers as a partner for this – a partner who not only develops visions together with us, but also helps us to make them become reality. They are exactly the kind of partner that we were looking for at Schubiger Moebel.”

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Hannes Weikert on 23.07.2018