An interview with Senior Consultant Cornelius Kistler: “I urge companies to undergo further development”

An interview with Senior Consultant Cornelius Kistler: “I urge companies to undergo further development“

In an interview with textilrevue, the Swiss trade publication for the textile and fashion industry, Cornelius Kistler, Senior Consultant and member of the wider company management of foryouandyourcustomers at its Uster location, speaks, among other things, about customers who are discovering for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers and gives smaller distributors bits of advice to help them to survive on the market in times of digitisation. You can read the full interview in the current edition of textilrevue or download the PDF here. (only available in German)

“I was led here by my heart and head, and I’m very happy that they did, because foryouandyourcustomers gives me the basis and development opportunities to give our customers the best possible support as they bring their businesses up-to-date,“ Cornelius Kistler points out, looking back at his first months at foryouandyourcustomers. Kistler had his “light bulb moment“ in autumn 2017, at Retailforum Switzerland, where he met Jonathan Moeller, who told him more about the founder of foryouandyourcustomers’ “Exploded View“, a six-level model that provides companies with an overview, a structure and support managing and overcoming the challenge that is increasing digitisation.

That was like a starting signal for me; the point at which I said to myself: wow, that’s exactly my experience and what I have found out working for numerous organisations. Prior to that, I had not been able to find names for the contexts and dependencies at the individual levels of a company. The Exploded View now gives me the vocabulary to do this, as it were, and also provides us with a valuable and effective tool for work with my customers, Cornelius Kistler explains, speaking about the opportunities, options and solutions available to companies nowadays when dealing with the numerous challenges posed. I would urge other people and companies to undergo further development with my support in the same way that I am undergoing further development in collaboration with them and the team at foryouandyourcustomers, he tells us, summing up his motivation in one sentence. Something he is doing with a lot of success.

Many people who know the 34-year-old already from his consultations or from working with him often use words such as pioneer and a doer to describe him. His work at foryouandyourcustomers aside, he is also co-founder of and investor in, an investor and partner in ClickON GmbH and founder of Founding companies and advising on business development, development of new strategies to appeal to existing and potential customers and the digital change are nothing new for Cornelius Kistler, thanks to many years of experience. The same goes for organising and leading teams, not to mention entire companies, on projects. Customers get to benefit not only from his broad range of expertise in countless areas, but also from his empathy, his people skills and his enthusiasm, and his analytical skills as a consultant and a doer. My profession is all about working with people and teams. Helping them on their way to bringing their businesses up-to-date with well-thought-out solutions and surprisingly simple solutions gives me a lot of pleasure, he sums up.

His expertise is something that foryouandyourcustomers customers have been benefiting from too, for some time now. For me, foryouandyourcustomers offers an optimal platform for these tasks, Cornelius Kistler explains. I was immediately on the wavelength as Jonathan Möller. In the conversations that ensued, including with other employees, I soon realised that this company has many experts across a very wide range of areas, as well as an organisational structure that not only makes further development possible for every individual employee, but also encourages this a lot. It’s an overall package into which I am now inputting all of my know-how, for the good of the company and, in particular, for the good of our customers.

textilrevue: Who uses foryouandyourcustomers?

Cornelius Kistler: Customers who are looking for meaningful and personalised advice regarding their next step in the digitisation process. Large and medium-sized companies in the DACH region and in Australia count among our customers. We aren’t restricted to certain sectors and have already done work with clothing brands. We provide competent multichannel advice services, specialising in different areas, in various locations. We have an extensive amount of knowledge and experience and offer our customer concrete tools that help them with their presence.

textilrevue: Which tools are you referring to?

One of the most important is the Exploded View, a six-level model that people can take a look at on our website. It provides a surprisingly simple guide to all areas of the company, across all levels. It enables the project participants to identify the connections between marketing, the processes and the data structure and to act accordingly. Another tool helps establish a complete customer journey and the various touchpoints that the customer may encounter on their different routes towards purchasing a product, whether a TV advert, printing on the product or internet advertising. We analyse and evaluate these touchpoints and point out fields in which action should be taken. Our ChannelOPERA sums up how communication, sales and service channels synchronise with each other.

textilrevue: What is your specialist area?

My work at foryouandyourcustomers has two main areas of focus: first, I work with new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and pattern recognition, i.e. having articles read automatically when you hold a mobile phone camera over it. Second, I do conventional consultation, and B2B consultation in particular. I work with all kinds of individuals, including retailers, producers and CEOs. They never get a standard solution from me. The idea is for projects to be meaningful and tailored to clients.

textilrevue: What would you recommend to a smaller boutique that wants to boost its turnover?

Invest in customer understanding. You can also make a conscious decision to avoid having an online presence. The important thing is to listen carefully, always bear the service concept in the back of your mind and ensure that communication is working within the company. Salespeople in particular often know exactly what the customer wants. But that knowledge rarely trickles into the marketing as a whole. Little innovations such as tablets in-store, with the customers’ data records on them, can really make a difference, as it means that the customer can be addressed as an individual and that the desired item can be sent to their home directly. In general, it is advisable to think like a hotel, i.e. listen, think in a service-orientated way, communicate and implement. This keeps the customers happy.

textilrevue: What sort of things will you be involved in over the next few years?

One thing I’m very likely to be involved in is optimising pattern recognition, but I’ll also continue with consultancy work. Companies simply have to be aware that anyone who wants to keep pace with digitisation must bear in mind that the same amount of resources will be required to operate a digital supply chain as a physical one. In other words, there must be a large number of employees on both sides and the resources should be invested in well-thought-out projects. We can help you with this.

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