Private viewing for the Martin Huidobro exhibition marks the opening of the Stuttgart location

Private viewing for the Martin Huidobro exhibition marks the opening of the Stuttgart location

Many family members, friends, customers and of course Martin Huidobro himself came to celebrate two grand events in a beautiful old building, now home to foryouandyourcustomers in Stuttgart, just a walk away from the renowned Feuersee: the private viewing of selected works by the famous artist from Duesseldorf as part of the official grand opening of the location for for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers.

“It must be so nice to be able to work surrounded by these brightly colourful, meticulously perfected pictures and so many inspiring prints and series,” said one visitor, admiring the SHELL CORNER. “I see countless flashes of colour that brighten up the everyday, that connect with the office atmosphere in a playful way,” she continued. Curator Thomas Weltner could not have put it better in his introduction of the work from Martin Huidobro. He was pleased to have attracted Martin Huidobro for the exhibition opening in Stuttgart – an established, renowned artist “who with his selection of works manages to transform plain offices into a cultural, inspiring space that creates added value, sparks conversation about art and invites the office and employees to get to know each other in a pleasant atmosphere.” 

The 23rd exhibition hosted by foryouandyourcustomers – and the first one in Stuttgart – features intensely colourful images, signs and symbols from everyday life. The impressive diversity of Huidobro’s creations breaks up the clinical white expanse of the walls with sharp contrast, in the same way the 45-year-old pushes the boundaries between painting, design, sculpture and architecture and opens up a world of meaning and references through all of his art.

Martin Huidobro with one of his favourite pieces: HELI 2. The artist was only satisfied with the result after a couple of years of work and multiple versions.

“Shapes, colours and motifs: the art strikes me as boldly trendy and creative all at once, and it brings back childhood memories when I look at it,” one visitor at the private viewing said.

“All of us at the Stuttgart location are impressed with the visual impact of our rooms now. The exhibition certainly enhances the office,” said Andreas Drexhage, Managing Director at foryouandyourcustomers Stuttgart. “The colours and perfect craftsmanship that went into creating these works, be they pictures, prints or sculptures, speak to me and all of us here, and it’s just fun to work in such an artsy environment. Art has an impact on its environment and every single one of us gets something new out of it every day.” A central theme in Martin Huidobro’s images, works and installations is the object with its functional, aesthetic and evocative attributes. He reduces shapes and colours to the essential and takes us on an aesthetic tour of the world in a playful, tongue-in-cheek way.

“I think art should be released from its ivory tower and placed where it lives, within the context of the space in question, the institution and the people interacting with it and thereby transforming the works into their own universe,” said Huidobro. While this was not the Düsseldorf-based artist’s first exhibition in an office, this particular location was something special for him: “It’s the first time I’ve presented works from four different creative cycles in one exhibition.”

The exhibition is open until September 2018 and features 21 works, created between 2005 and the present day. “I’m showing things that are important to me, that drive me and shape me, that I carry with me personally, that take a long time to mature and then be presented in an exhibition. The theme of racing that is so strongly represented here is just a connecting thread.”

Whether you consider the tank, based on a chain gear made of wood and painted in egg yolk yellow acrylic paint, or HELI 2, a shadowless, bright yellow helicopter fixed to a sky blue screen, or the PATCH, which only went on the screen on the day of the exhibition: “Everything we see here is one of a kind. Works that I’ve toiled over, that took years to evolve and that I now release to the eyes of the beholder,” explained Huidobro.

Is there a message for the beholder in the works? The artist is not ready to reveal one, and he doesn’t wish to invite the guests to make their own interpretations of some hidden meaning. “Every visitor should feel fully free to feel whatever he or she feels about the works and should have the chance to ask themselves when they look at these pieces: what do I have to do with this or that piece, what can I start with this overall?”

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