We now have an office in Bulgaria

We now have an office in Bulgaria

With the founding of the first location in Bulgaria for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers has expanded its international outreach even further. The team started working in Sofia in May 2017. The CEO is Albena Mancheva, previously a long-standing member of the team in Amsterdam.

The Sofia team comprises designated experts in the creation of requirements profiles for successful multichannel business and the delivery of high-quality, highly modern e-commerce solutions, and will now be expanded step by step to include top talents. 

The foryouandyourcustomers Ltd. Sofia office is the 12th location of the Group. “Sofia is an amazing place for building a powerful team with perspective,” says Jens Plattfaut, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Munich, of the founding of the new office. “In Albena Mancheva we have a Managing Director who identifies with foryouandyourcustomers and her home town one hundred per cent and who thanks to her background will hit the ground running and get her team operating successfully in no time.” Jens Plattfaut the CEO in Amsterdam, will be supporting the location in Bulgaria during its setup phase. “We’ve already implemented multiple successful projects with teams and partners there in the past. So I speak from experience when I say that we and our customers will benefit greatly from the founding of this office” he says with conviction.

“In past years the software industry has experienced very positive and sustainable growth in Bulgaria,” says Albena Mancheva. “There are highly qualified IT specialists here and a number of very good educational and training opportunities for developers. So the idea of founding an office in Bulgaria was a step toward our further development as a company and for me as an employee it was an opportunity to return to my homeland.”

The advantages of the new office are clear to Alexander Oppel as well: “Sofia offers more opportunities for us to recruit excellent employees, open up new business fields and serve our customers even better as a result. Albena is an integral part of foryouandyourcustomers and we know that she will master the challenge of establishing a new office with the help of her experience and knowledge.” Sofia is not the first location that foryouandyourcustomers has founded based on an employee returning to their home region.

For the CEO of the foryouandyourcustomers Group Robert Josef Stadler, this new cell represents “a further step in the overall development of the company, because this cell is the first one founded from two existing cells of foryouandyourcustomers. The two experienced CEOs, Alexander Oppel from Amsterdam and Jens Plattfaut from Munich, will work closely with the new office in the first two years to ensure its successful integration within the Group.”

Already involved in cross-location project work

The three-person team headed by CEO and Head of Development Albena Mancheva already took part in its first projects for the Group shortly after the founding of the office. “The employees will mainly focus on Java and frontend development for multichannel projects. One of the first steps we will take in Sofia is to establish a centre of excellence for Microservice-based applications with the commercetools platform. That’s where we see great potential in the European market today and above all in future,” Alexander Oppel says, outlining the initial plan of action. Albena Mancheva adds more specifically: “We will work very closely with the other foryouandyourcustomers locations and apply our expertise in system requirements, specifications, software development and the delivery of e-commerce systems for our customers’ benefit.”

“From a perspective standpoint, the location will join our team of multichannel commerce experts in Europe and naturally we will build a corresponding network of partners and customers on site, which we will be able to support in their digital development.”

Jens Plattfaut, CEO foryouandyourcustomers Munich

It’s a task that Albena Mancheva approaches with lots of passion and commitment. The 32 year old sees the move after five years at foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam as a new start in a new role and a return to her home town all in one. “I’m very happy to be back in my home town and have the opportunity to work with all of the other foryouandyourcustomers locations to push forward our customers’ business. In my time in Amsterdam I was able to do more than just build on my technical skills. I also learned that open, trust-based communication with our customers and strong team spirit are crucial to the success of a project. That is my credo and I am very much looking forward to supporting our customers through every shared project phase in accordance with that belief.”

“In the coming months we will now focus on working with Albena to further build the team and produce excellent project work,” says Jens Plattfaut as he explains the next steps. “And if everything goes according to plan, the initial launch of commercetools-based e-commerce system will come first, fully developed by our new team in Sofia.”

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